Philosophy 101

Tim Drevno, an offensive line coach, coaches running backs. Tee Martin, a former quarterback, coaches wide receivers. Johnny Nansen, a former quarterback, coaches linebackers. See a pattern?

Keary Colbert, a former wide receiver, coaches tight ends. But it does make sense is some areas: Bryan Ellis played quarterback. Kenechi Udeze was a defensive lineman. Ronnie Bradford was a defensive back.

And Clancy Pendergast? He did not play college football. But he coached the Phi Gamma Delta team at UofA.


3 thoughts on “Philosophy 101

  1. I’m sure those who watch football coaches assume they all know about football 🏈. But just knowing what a position is supposed to do does not tell you the quirks of the job. The only reason to have a second line coach is to make a quick change when the first guy falters. Oh wait too late.


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