Blame Andy Enfield’s Stubborness For NCAA Woes

For several years, I have complained that USC coach Andy Enfield refuses to upgrade the Trojans’ schedule. It played a critical role in the selection committee’s decision to deny USC an NCAA Tournament bid.

USC was 0-5 against the Pac-12 teams who made the NCAA Tournament. It also lost to Texas A&M and Oklahoma, who made the Tournament. It’s only victories vs. NCAA Tournament teams were over New Mexico State and Cal State Fullerton.

What Sunday’s NCAA Tournament field proved is you could lose a couple more games if you also beat one or two teams (see Arizona State). Enfield refuses to schedule a marquee team at the Galen Center. He also doesn’t like to play elite teams at their home arenas. So it creates a pretty thin margin for finding quality wins, especially if the Pac-12 is down. And the Pac-12 is down, with two of its three teams (UCLA, Arizona State) sent to Dayton for the NCAA play-in games.

Why won’t Enfield schedule a Duke, Kansas or Michigan State at home? Or even travel to Virginia or Villanova? It won’t hurt USC. But he refuses to do it. Enfield had a top 10 roster of talent coming back this season and refused to make an ambitious schedule. So blame him if the NCAA was unimpressed.


5 thoughts on “Blame Andy Enfield’s Stubborness For NCAA Woes

  1. There’s more to this story than the NCAA being “unimpressed” with USC’s schedule, Scott.


  2. The simple answer is that SC needed to WIN more of those existing non-conf games, such as Oklahoma. The team was jobbed.


    1. Team did play Texas A & M and Oklahoma at home. One more top program would have been nice for the fans. You gain nothing playing
      Princeton with a win while a loss is disastrous to. your chances of making the tournament. Enfield’s poor coaching in the 2nd half of a number of games actually was a big factor.


  3. Scooter, you did not mention that SC won the Hawaiian Tournament and the beat Middle Tenn. St. and New Mexico St. NMS is in the tournament. They should have been in.


  4. He DID schedule two NCAA tourney Big 12 teams in LA and traveled to 2 NCAA tourney teams from a year ago (Vandy and SMU). Those last 2 had bad years, but you can’t get on Enfield for his poor scheduling.

    What got USC was that the pac12 was down, so any conferences wins didn’t give them that big of a boost. And they blew late leads to ucla and ASU. Win one of those games and USC would have been in. (They should have been in anyway, but I digress.)

    So, you’re barking up the wrong tree Scott.


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