Andy Enfield Is Still Bitter

A day after USC was not selected for the NCAA Tournament, Andy Enfield was in rare form Monday. He said it was not his decision whether USC accepted an NIT bid but USC’s administration that decided. He also did not make any players available to the media.

Enfield also said it would be up to the players who might be draft picks to decide whether to play in the game.

“Whoever says they want to play will play,” Enfield said.

Is he ever responsible for anything? Not the schedule. Not accepting an NIT bid. Not his assistant coach who got fired after being indicted by the federal government.

When USC tailback Ronald Jones was asked if anyone was thinking of sitting out the Cotton Bowl, he immediately scoffed at that idea and said everyone would play. The NIT is not the Cotton Bowl. But acting like you are too good for it sends a terrible message and makes the coach seem like he has no control over the program.


5 thoughts on “Andy Enfield Is Still Bitter

  1. Andy sending a “terrible message”?!! I could not disagree more, Scott! I think that Andy acting like USC is too good for the NIT is a win/win. First, it makes Andy look mature & mentally healthy. Second, it almost assures a terrible USC performance in the tournament.
    I really like the fact that —whenever Andy has to choose from among bad options —-he invents a worse one. Most people never learn how to do that.


    1. The NCAA owns the NIT. Please explain why USC should help the coffers of an organization that has repeatedly, over the past decade, fleeced the school.


  2. The NCAA makes money off the NIT. Why should USC contribute to the pockets of an organization that regularly fleeces them?


  3. Enfield should be fired yesterday. The program has done nothing during his tenure, the program might be looking at sanctions, he’s a whiner, hire someone who can win not whine.

    Oh wait, we have an AD who is as lazy with his hires as the drunk AD was, never mind.


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