Who Makes The Big Decisions?

I was surprised USC coach Clay Helton got a five-year extension in February but was told it was for stability by some USC officials, especially with basketball’s uncertainty.

But several boosters I talked to also believe that athletic director Lynn Swann could have been ordered to offer the extension: Either by USC president Max Nikias or perhaps one of the billionaire athletic supporters. I’m not sure about this but the speculation shows people are suspicious of even routine administrative actions.

As USC goes into next season, there is a razor-thin tolerance for a repeat of the sloppy play of last season. Especially if some of those Sam Darnold-to-the-rescue victories turn into losses.


5 thoughts on “Who Makes The Big Decisions?

  1. USC is so F’ed up with it’s coaches it’s not even funny. The football coach is in over his head, the 2 basketball coaches are a joke. The baseball coach is a joke. The new women’s VB coach is a huge joke. A women runs the men’s track program.

    I had high hopes for Swann but he’s no better than the old drunk AD or the minority hire before him. Enfield should have been fired after his NIT comments, we’ll see what Bland has to saw about what gap tooth knew and when he knew it. Gomer never should have been extended, he can’t hire a competent coach to save his butt, but he can hire his buddies like no other. The women’s BB search was a nightmare. Swann hired a VB coach from that powerhouse Portland St., it’s embarrassing.

    The Greek runs the show, he likes nice milquetoast people who come cheap except when it comes to Medical School Dean’s, then he likes sexual predators or drug addicts. And how did The Greek skate on those hires ? Oh wait, because he can raise money, which is what USC seems to be about these days


    1. Mark Trakh in Women Basketball did an admirable job with only five players, and one sub who couldn’t score. Only regret refusing to play in the WNIT where more exposure needed for recruiting success. You didn’t mention the new Women Tennis Coach not looking too good coming from a Div. 3 school. You are way off base with the Track Coach which is the one major program showing any signs of doing well nationally in both Men and Women. Even though an ucla grad have to like her approach in combing the country for top athletes. She got a ucla transfer Benjamin to come to the Trojans and help set a record in the 4 x 400M relay indoors.
      Agree Hubbs needs to be let go after this season unless a miraculous run in the tournament if team gets invited.


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