Doug Gottlieb On Chimezie Metu

Fox Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb offered a harsh critique of USC forward Chimezie Metu’s decision to skip the NIT.

“I’d be embarrassed to be Chimezie Metu.”

“The school stood by you when, he was one of the guys I believe, mentioned in the most recent part of the investigation by Yahoo. His name was on a ledger.”

“In basketball, we actually care how much you care and how much you love the sport. This to me says, ‘I don’t love the sport, I love me, and I love the chance of making money for me.”

“By the way, you dope, you would have played in front of all of the NBA scouts at Madison Square Garden in the NIT.”

5 thoughts on “Doug Gottlieb On Chimezie Metu

  1. ….LOL…I love Doug…he always tells it like it is…my other thought is who put the bug in his head that this was cool…as a coach you can convince a kind to be in TV game that would increase your marketability…hmmmmmm….


  2. Scooter, get Doug’s comments from now on. He is spot on. Metu ragged on the fans and attendee’s that watched his games at the Galen Center. These fans gave it their all for him and the team and that is how he treats them by belitting the fans and the attendance. Even when he was immature and hitting guys in the groin, they were still there for him. I hope one day he grows up and realizes that SC did a lot for him as well as the fans and he comes around by saying thank you. Until that time, have a good life and ceeya, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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  3. Mr Gottlieb is right. Mr Metu is only out for himself. However the real problem is the coach, the AD and the president of the university. They all should have said NO and have Mr Metu play – if he refused put him off the team and revoke his scholarship. Yes he probably is good enough to play in the NBA he is also good enough o play for USC since they are paying for his education – maybe that is a problem as well – is he really getting an education or just filling a chair ? Thank you – Joe Laraneta, USC ’64

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