Kenny Bigelow Expected To Transfer To West Virginia

Remember defensive tackle Kenny Bigelow? Of course you do.

I’m hearing he is going to transfer to West Virginia. Bigelow was granted a sixth year of eligibility in November. Remember when Clay Helton said Bigelow was quitting midway through the season to become a coach? Yeah, right!

Anyways, we will see when Bigelow officially transfers to West Virginia.

7 thoughts on “Kenny Bigelow Expected To Transfer To West Virginia

  1. Please get of Kenny’s back, Scott. He’s sacrificed enough for USC football! 2 tackles over 2 years! 4 whole days of student coaching before the Notre Dame blowout! What more can anyone ask?


      1. Things are good, Gabby. Hope the same is true for you, my bud! I have a feeling our defense is gonna be stellar —-the best in a long time. (But I have another feeling too —-i.e., that our defense is gonna be on the field a lot).
        [Between me and you, Gabby, I’m looking forward to someone asking Clay to assess Bigelow’s chances at West Virginia. I’m hoping Clay, in a display of classic Helton insincerity, praises Bigelow’s work ethic and declares that he was always impressed with Bigelow’s effort to be all he could be. It would be the ultimate credibility buster. People would actually be AFRAID to ask Clay questions after that]……


  2. Too injury prone………………don’t think his knees will hold up longer than 1 fall practice.

    No chance for the NFL…………..about as much chance is Clay Helton winning a national title.


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