Long Day For Jack Sears

USC doesn’t hold official scrimmages during spring practice but on Saturdays will scrimmage for a portion of the practice.

Quarterback Jack Sears had a rough outing today: He threw two interceptions and fumbled a snap. He was also high on several passes. Matt Fink wasn’t great either but was serviceable.

“My initial gut says we weren’t very good, but I’m going to reserve the right to look at the tape first,” Clay Helton said.

This will only reinforce the JT Daniels-as-savior theory. Again, that would be better if Daniels were actually participating in the spring. Maybe the real question is whether you trust Helton and Co. to develop a quarterback.

5 thoughts on “Long Day For Jack Sears

  1. Can we “trust Helton to DEVELOP a quarterback?” Let’s see —-how many quarterbacks have progressed into having a great LAST season under Helton? Max (Wittek)? Cody? Sam?


    1. Using Max Whittik doesn’t quite work Michael, he transferred out to Hawaii and even Norm Chow couldn’t help him. The same could be said for Max Browne. Better question might’ve been “how we’re they picking them?”. The Maxes, Cody, Towne..

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  2. What a smart observation. Seriously. You nailed it. The problem isn’t so much development —it’s recruiting. Helton routinely recruits mediocre quarterbacks. It’s funny that Helton —who is a solid, if unspectacular, Head Coach—-is such a poor judge of quarterback potential. It’s the one area you’d expect Helton to show some smarts. Not only did Helton play the position but he began his USC career as a quarterback coach.


  3. I’m still scratching my head at the quarterback situation. Sam could have stayed but judging by last season it was a no brainer for going pro. So we have a quarterback coach whose expertise is anything but quarterbacks and a running coach whose expertise is not running backs. Does anyone hope this will work anyway?

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  4. So USC can’t develop quarterbacks, and yet they’ll likely have the #1 pick in the NFL draft… ok! And Cody Kessler, an average point guard from Bakersfield goes in the 4th round. ok! Something is going right at SC re: QB development.


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