What Does Sam Darnold Have To Do With Past USC QBs?

One thing that I constantly see is people saying Sam Darnold will not succeed in the NFL because USC quarterbacks have a poor track record.

I’m not sure how this is connected. What does Darnold have to do with Matt Leinart or Matt Barkley or Cody Kessler or whoever else you want to mention? His physical talent is far better than Leinart, Barkley or Kessler so why does it matter that he played at the same school?

NFL teams obviously won’t care because he is projected at a top-two pick. But the comparisons continue. It really just shows how lazy some people can be.


3 thoughts on “What Does Sam Darnold Have To Do With Past USC QBs?

  1. Speaking of draftable quarterbacks, I couldn’t help noticing that former UCLA Head Coach, Jim Mora, indicated yesterday that Josh Rosen could only relate to intellectual coaches who could challenge him on a cerebral level.


  2. Lazy indeed. Nobody compares Tom Brady to the other 99% of crappy U of M quarterbacks before and since. It’s a fool’s errand.


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