A USC Coaching Item

I’ve heard some good things about Joe DeForest, who recently joined the coaching staff and is apparently helping the defense. He is replacing linebackers coach Johnny Nansen during spring practice because Nansen underwent knee surgery.

But a writer from West Virginia told me that DeForest’s one season as defensive coordinator was a disaster. The Mountaineers defense allowed 472.5 yards of total offense and 37 points a game. DeForest was demoted to special teams coordinator/safeties coach.

It sounds like he is a better position coach and I’ve heard rumblings he will be a position coach next season. Besides, having a bad season as coordinator doesn’t affect anyone’s status, especially at USC.


2 thoughts on “A USC Coaching Item

  1. Perhaps the blogger needs to take a look at what is happening on the USC defense, which is way ahead of schedule, and look less to the gossip and unnamed sources. But then, why try something new when the old schtick still works.


  2. Scooter, a suggestion and maybe a different way of looking at this and reporting: You could ask him directly what he plans to get out of working at usc. Does he plan to try and improve by being an assistant, does he want to learn how each component (dline, lber, db’s) work together as well as independtly, does he want to learn how t o improve his coaching skills by teaching correctly the right way to do things to a player, does he want to learn how to truly be a d coordinator.

    You might want to try this again.


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