USC Saturday Buzz: Jack Sears’ Performance Improves

Freshman quarterback Jack Sears enjoyed a better scrimmage today. He threw two long touchdown passes to Velus Jones, including one for 85 yards. He wasn’t perfect, though. He also threw a pick-six interception to Jonathan Lockett.

“I know it helps me sleep better,” USC  coach Clay Helton said.

Matt Fink was OK. On the down side, there were quite a few penalties on the line of scrimmage. The running game was good, which does not bolster the theory about the defense being the best in 10 years.


2 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Jack Sears’ Performance Improves

  1. Guess who wrote this 12 years ago:

    With everyone thinking about the numbers from Sunday’s scrimmage, here’s some stats from some other recent spring scrimmages to illustrate just how significant (insignificant) these marks really are.

    A.) 8 for 21, 102 yards
    B.) 14 for 25, 222 yards, 3 TDs
    C.) 3 receptions, 82 yards, 2 TDs

    Click below to match the numbers with the USC players who produced them.

    A.) Matt Leinart’s passing stats in the final spring scrimmage when he won the QB job three years ago.

    B.) Rocky Hinds’ passing stats in his final spring scrimmage last year. He transferred to UNLV.

    c.) William Buchanon’s receiving stats in last year’s final scrimmage. He did not catch a pass last season.


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