USC Sunday Buzz: Tee Martin Weighs In On Sam Darnold-Cody Kessler Debate

USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin was asked by the Beacon Journal/ about radio broadcaster Pete Arbogast’s comments that Cody Kessler ““maybe threw a little better long ball” than Darnold.

“I had an opportunity to coach those guys. I think both of them are very, very talented,” Martin said. “I thought Sam had a very strong arm. He can make all the throws. When you look at his deep ball in between the hashes, he did an unbelievable job, probably the best I’ve been around. We worked every day to get better at some of the things, like with every quarterback.

“There are some things that we worked on with Cody as well. But I’m not willing to sit here and say one was better than the other at anything. The only thing I can say is both of them won games, and when Sam Darnold became the quarterback, we won and we did some big things — Pac-12 champions, Rose Bowl champions. He would be my No. 1 pick. I’ll put it like that.”


2 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Tee Martin Weighs In On Sam Darnold-Cody Kessler Debate

  1. It’s all utilitarian. If Cody had some big $30 mil contract on the line, and a good word from Tee could tip the scales, he’d say Code was #1. Sorta also like how Kirsten Gillibrand comes out against Bill Clinton, years after he’s of any use to her. Didn’t cost her or Bill anything. Make a statement against your or your “favored one’s” interest – like what Jim Mora said about Rosen – that’s courageous and truth-telling.


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