A Frequent Practice Scene

Photo credit: TrojanInsider.com

Incoming freshman quarterback JT Daniels has been a frequent presence at USC practices this spring. And he must be pretty pleased when he sees USC’s quarterbacks are not exactly tearing it up during workouts.

This picture is also interesting because it shows Daniels will not be as physically imposing as Sam Darnold. And it’s why several weeks ago I mentioned that USC writers who had not seen him before were surprised by his height.



11 thoughts on “A Frequent Practice Scene

    1. It would be nice if J. T. were 2 inches taller (maybe he’ll have a ‘growth spurt’ over the summer), but his coolness under pressure is probably more important than his height given the way our O-line occasionally plays.


  1. Scooter, that is not Darnold in the photo. The muscle on the arm is too big. Darnold was around 6’3″, the guy in the photo is taller. So I am saying that TJ Daniels is around 6’1″. Besides, look at Haden, he was around 5′ 10″ and he won a national championship. He won because the o line protected him and pushed people out of the way.


    1. Daniel’s is 6 foot, maybe. Haden played in an era where the lineman weighed 265lbs and were 6’4″, and he threw MAYBE 20 times a game, it’s not comparable


    2. The photo of “Sam” and J. T. is one more example of just how duplicitous Scott can be! Putting up a photo of a black wide receiver and trying to TRICK us into thinking it’s a photo of Sam is SO typical of Scott. The really insidious part of Scott’s deception —-again, so typical —-is the way he doesn’t even SAY it’s Sam. He just leaves it to discerning readers to make the (incorrect) assumption. How low is that?!

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  2. It won’t matter how tall he is, he better be good at running because the OL isn’t gong to be very good as long as grandpa is around ” coaching ” them.


    1. Agreed, Paul. And the comparison doesn’t end there —-not only are Russell, Drew and J. T. short—-all three are smart—-and great leaders.


  3. It doesn’t seem like JT is the only one who is pleased that the QBs are not tearing it up right Scott? One minute you are saying that the QBs are not tearing it up in spring practice and then you are saying that people make too much of spring practice. Try to stay consistent sir.


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