Who Is Not Ready To Make An Impact?

Spring practice coverage tends to be overblown because the season is so far away. And every spring, you see the same headlines: “John Smith” is ready to make an impact next season!

Here’s a real example: Clay Helton said about 15 times the light bulb went off with wide receiver Velus Jones. I’m pretty sure he said about Jones last season. I know he’s said that about a lot of other players, including Oluwole Betiku, who barely played last season.

My main problem is who is not ready to make an impact? Every one does, obviously. But there is no insight in simply saying something is ready. And going against your teammates doesn’t mean it will happen.

There is a lot of positive coverage right now of Porter Gustin’s spring play. But shouldn’t he be dominant against the USC offensive line right now? He’s a senior-to-be who probably would have turned pro if he played injury free last season.

Gustin is also ready to make an impact next season!

By the way, I’m still waiting for a recruit to say they are not honored by getting a scholarship offer. That is becoming the biggest cliche in recruiting.


9 thoughts on “Who Is Not Ready To Make An Impact?

  1. I’m sure in your world, Scottie, you’d call out, publicly, the student athlete who is struggling. But coaches with tact and class don’t do that, for reasons obvious to most clear-thinking individuals.

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  2. Scooter, you are a little testy today. Anytime a major school like usc offers a $75k scholarship a year so they can just football and get a degree will always be grateful. Unless of course you go to ugly where you can get a $29.99 a year scholarship. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.


  3. And I’m still waiting for Wolfie to write an unbiased, positive article on the program that is responsible for providing his income/well being…


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