The All-American Madness Tradition Continues

USC has installed the All-American plaques at the McKay Center for tailback Ronald Jones and linebacker Uchenna Nwosu.

In order to get a plaque, you must be a first-team All-American.

Now this is where things get dicey: Nwosu was a first-team pick on the Sports on Earth All-American team. The what?

Let me be clear: Nwosu was a fine player last season and this is in no way a critique of him.

It is about USC’s lack of interest in what is a legitimate All-American team. Zach Banner got a plaque last year for making the College Sports Madness All-American first team. Chad Wheeler got a plaque for making the College Insiders All-American first team.

Does USC care? Nope.

Sports on Earth is a website that went out of business in January, by the way.

Just for comparison, defensive tackle Dan Ficca (1958-60) does not receive a plaque because he made the UPI All-American second team.

So you can make second team on a prestigious team (UPI) and not be an official All-American. But you can be first-team selection on a joke team (College Sports Madness) and get a plaque at the McKay Center. Makes sense.

Below on the latest plaques.


8 thoughts on “The All-American Madness Tradition Continues

    1. Is there a certain standard of all-american that all other schools follow? I mean UCF just gave themselves a national title. Are you going to go tear that trophy down?


  1. Classic SC shenanigans, wolfman! reminds me of how they scoured the old newspapers and uncovered a Football Natty from 1932, despite the fact 15 of 17 ranking organizations gave the title to Temple!!! the all time cheapest Natty claim ever from Elmers Glue Weekly. now these obscure All American claims…..EMBARRASSING.



    1. Hey charlie!……you still have a Lew Alcindor special tucked away somewhere? I’m sure it’s worth a “golden ticket”……..Nice to see you’re making the rounds(two thumbs up)


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