Wake Forest Receiver Tabari Hines To Visit USC

(Brian Westerholt/Sports On Film)

Does USC ever not want another wide receiver?

Tabari Hines, who is a graduate transfer from Wake Forest, will visit USC tomorrow. Hines had 683 yards receiving and seven touchdowns last season. He is also considering Oregon, Texas and USC

Does USC need Hines? OK, Joseph Lewis is history but the Trojans are bringing the No. 1-ranked receiver, Amon-Ra St. Brown. And John Jackson III is also coming. Plus Randal Grimes is back after having his redshirt year burned for no reason. Plus Velus Jones, Josh Imatorbhebhe, Trevon Sidney, etc.

USC loves receivers, so it doesn’t matter.

Maybe the better question is why Hines would come to USC? Oregon is thin at receiver so playing time is virtually guaranteed there.

But maybe he wants to live in L.A.



11 thoughts on “Wake Forest Receiver Tabari Hines To Visit USC

  1. wolfman, i hear Todd “the Dog Whisperer” McNair case is approaching trial…..this is gonna be FUN!!!!

    phone records, Photos, money trial, hotel records, and best of all the McNair witness who LIED (badly) to the NCAA to cover McNair’s booty….ahhhh this is gonna be GOOD!!



    1. Charlie —I’m to the point where it would be very okay with me if your worst case McNair trial scenario played out [thereby assuring lots of your overjoyed visits to this site].


      1. thanks bro, i can’t take many more like that one. i gotta get to the wolfman’s site more often…..can’t say i like the format too much but c’est la vie!!!


        Liked by 1 person

  2. Upchuck, I see that you found the new home for the Wolf. I don’t know if I should welcome you or just ignore you. Aww, what the heck, welcome. Upchuck, as you will see, McNair with his attorney(s) will bring the nzaa to their knees, reimburse usc for loss of tens of millions of dollars, and put usc in good standing. Fight On upchuck.


  3. I can promise you this, Charlie —- no matter what Trojan responses to your comments look like on the surface, a quarter inch beneath the surface there’s lots of sincere appreciation over the fact that you’re here.
    Think of the format as being like a slab of marble that needs you to bring it to life (I’m pretty sure that’s the spirit with which Buddhakarma, or whatever his name is, approaches the site)……


      1. If Clay IS in over his head, this will be the year we find out. He has to figure out a way of making the offense work WITHOUT talent at quarterback or on the O-line.


    1. why in the world encourage someone like that? Is this site sooooo boring that you would want to listen to his crapola all the time? Goodness gracious.


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