USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

USC’s offensive line is still considered a work-in-progress for next season.

That has to be concerning when you have three senior starters (Toa Lobendahn, Chris Brown, Chuma Edoga) and a sophomore who started last season (Andrew Voorhes).

Lobendahn is finally playing his preferred position, center, so that should be solid position.

But Edoga was wildly inconsistent last season and clashed with offensive line coach Neil Callaway during games. Brown played well against Stanford but then struggled, especially against Ohio State. Voorhes also struggled last season and I’ve yet to hear from any offensive line experts that he is ready to be a consistent player.

And then left tackle currently looks to split by Austin Jackson and Clayton Johnston.

So you can see why there are questions about the line.

Sam Darnold is the favorite to be the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft at 5/12 according to Bovada.

Other odds for top pick: Josh Allen 8-5; Saquon Barkley 11-2; Baker Mayfield 10-1; Josh Rosen 18-1.

Former USC All-American offensive tackle Sam Baker has listed his Tustin home for $1.3 million.


4 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

  1. We’re not going to KNOW anything about where we really are at quarterback until the Stanford game —-and we probably won’t KNOW anything about the O-line until the dust settles after the Texas game. But going to war with only slightly above average position coaches like Ellis and Callaway should make Helton very, very nervous.


  2. Michael, I respectfully disagree. You might see signs in the UNLV game. if the oline doesn’t block against them, then it could be a tell tell sign that the oline is in trouble for the year. However, usually improvement picks up immensely between the first and second game of the season. So, you can be correct as well.

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    1. I didn’t even think of that, P.T.! If the O-line gives up sacks against UNLV, we are in for one very weird year —–similar to 2013 when Hawaii pushed us around in our opener (and Lane got fired a few games later).


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