Why Cleveland Didn’t Take Sam Darnold

Why did Cleveland take Baker Mayfield over Sam Darnold? Here’s what Browns vice president of player personnel Alonzo Highsmith said according to the Canton Respository.


6 thoughts on “Why Cleveland Didn’t Take Sam Darnold

  1. I talked to a guy who was in a room once with Sam Darnold. He said he was positive Sam was there. He said he was pretty sure the other people in the room could tell Sam was there, too.


    1. I love Sam – but when he wasn’t on the field, you’d see him staring blankly off into the distance. I’m sure it’s tough to judge a guy that way, but for long stretches of the game, he didn’t seem all that engaged. All of which is to say I can see where he might suffer in comparison to a QB who is more engaging. And again – I love Sam. If he had fewer turnovers last year, we might have won the whole Donut.

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      1. I like Sam too, Lamont —but here’s something that might also be a bit concerning: not only did Sam not seek out the receivers when he stood on the sidelines —they NEVER sought him out either. Players understood he needed his “alone” time. Not sure how that’s gonna play out down the line.


  2. I wonder if Alonzo was watching the Rose Bowl when USC was down to Penn St with 2 minutes to go. Darnold got into a catcher’s position and told the offense that they were going to score and win the game. To me, that showed me he had leadership abilities. Maybe Alonzo was sleeping. The Browns and the Jets got what they wanted. Let us revisit this in three to four years. As for Rosen, he will be in the hospital with his 10th concussion since he started the nfl. He won’t be in the conversation.

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  3. I guess this guy missed it when Sam switched flights to help out a teammate. Sounds like a coin flip excuse to me.


  4. Fiery personality and a history of off the field problems? I hope he proves me wrong but Mayfield sounds a lot like Manziel 2.0.


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