Pete Carroll Leaving For NFL Followup

Someone on twitter tried to say that when Jim Harbaugh said Pete Carroll would be leaving after the season, it confirmed Todd McNair’s testimony last week.

“He’s only got one more year, though. He’ll be there one more year,” Harbaugh said. “That’s what I’ve heard. I heard it inside the staff.”

Only one problem: Harbaugh said that in 2007. McNair said Carroll made his exit plans before the 2009 season.

Another theory was that I didn’t believe McNair’s story because I didn’t hear about it. I said in my original post I would not expect Carroll to tell me. But if it he made plans, someone would say something along the grapevine.

You don’t think Lane Kiffin might have made a comment to someone if he knew Carroll was leaving a year in advance? Kiffin used to complain about the roster Carroll left him. A natural comment would have been, “he stopped recruiting for a year because he knew he was going to the NFL.”

But Kiffin never said that to anyone at USC.


4 thoughts on “Pete Carroll Leaving For NFL Followup

  1. That is quite a reach Wolf. Oh that’s right, you don’t read the comments. LOL. I realize in the spring and there is not a lot going on, material for your blog can be scant. This topic is 10 years old. Guess what, no one cares. Move on…

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  2. Scooter, just because someone on the inside of the staff at USC says Carroll will be gone does not mean it will happen. It could have been a ploy or someone starting your rumor.


  3. I heard a rumor ten years ago that Mark Sanchez was planning to leave a year early before he even became a starting QB for USC. Of course this simply speculation and I could be making this whole thing up. What does it matter? This topic is 10 years old…


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