USC Morning Buzz: Monday Notes

  • Former USC coach Lane Kiffin is again defending his tenure with the Trojans in an interview with

“Now, I know the facts of USC, when you lose 30 scholarships … going 28-15 with those types of sanctions, people don’t do that,” Kiffin said. “Look at those types of penalties and what usually happens to programs — look at Miami, getting blown out every week. … People don’t want to talk about that, they forget about that, they think we didn’t do a good job there.”

  • The USC baseball team won two of three games against Cal over the weekend. The Trojans (21-22, 9-15) remain in ninth place in the Pac-12 standings.

4 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Monday Notes

  1. Kiff is correct. They did a great job during those sanctions. To be pre-season #1 after winning in Oregon and ND the previous season, speaks volumes – even though that season ultimately fell apart after the offensive line fell apart.

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    1. Astute comment, Lamont. No one dreamed there would be such slippage in the o-line after that great 10-2 season. It wasn’t until halftime of the Stanford game that it dawned on Matt Barkley how ‘special’ (but not in a good way) Aundery Walker and Cyrus Hobey truly were.


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