What Is On Lynn Swann’s Mind?

For some fans, the only way to know what USC athletic director Lynn Swann thinks comes from the “State of Troy” interview on the USC website.

“Each month, we sit down with USC athletic director Lynn Swann to get his take on the hot topics around Heritage Hall,” the articles state.

Well, Swann hasn’t done a State of Troy interview since January. He hasn’t addressed spring football, the basketball season or even updated the Coliseum renovation. Not even a comment on his annual trip to the Masters golf tournament. How about a comment on Larry Scott’s $4.8 million salary.

Not a word.

I’m sure if it were time to twist some arms of boosters/fans to make some money, he would be happy to make a statement.


11 thoughts on “What Is On Lynn Swann’s Mind?

  1. Wow! How about a little investigative journalism on your part? You want everything to be a lay down hand. Give me something to write about because I can’t do any work to develop a story or an issue. Why not dig into the McNait trial and come up with a slant. Trouble is you are lazy…

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    1. What I’ve been suggesting for years. Part of the probably is that Scottie might not have the juice to get that sort of access. Not exactly “Inside USC”, but I still appreciate the outsider perspective.

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  2. From what I’ve seen and read, the AD is more at home golfing, glad handing and interfacing with major donor alums, not impressed with his few coaching hires. However, if the football team underperforms, he will feel the heat.

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  3. I had hoped Swann would have done his job with a greater standard than Haden. I see that Swann is on his last “Swann” song. He has not addressed the sports that are down such as baseball. He is just collecting a paycheck and showing up for games. You don’t hear anything about how he wants to improve his department, the teams, or how to get rid of Larry Scott. Too bad, I will chalk it up as another bad hire for USC.

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  4. Swann is actually the worst AD from among Garrett, Haden, and himself of
    former football greats at USC. He sits by doing nothing about men volleyball which finished 8 – 20 this past season. Coach Nygaard has been absolutely dismal the whole time he has led the program yet still keeps his job.

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  5. Well, lets look at the last 3 AD’s at USC. None of them had any previous experience at the job, but all of them played football at USC which is far more important.

    And kudos to you Mr Wolf for texting out animals who need to be adopted, keep up the good work !


  6. I don’t think what we say here will be on Swann’s mind. But if I were him I’d be concerned with the renovation of my money making venue. I have already told the ticket office we’d wait and see this season because the picture I’m getting is reduced viewing and unfinished work. Haden bit a fat pig on the butt with renovations and Swann has to chew it. I guess if I hear good things about the stadium and the security situation I might hit Stub hub for tickets.


  7. Hey Wolf, If you want some info on what’s going on behind the curtain at Heritage Hall, don’t go straight to the top. Start reaching out to Swann’s deputies and lieutenants in the department. They are more likely to give you access.

    Remember, it was Daryl Gross under Garrett and Mark Jackson under Haden who had the most influence after the AD. Gross made the introduction and then convinced Garrett to take a chance on Pete Carroll. And Sark had a backer in Mark Jackson which helped make him the front runner for Haden to choose.


  8. Swannie don’t say much? he’s probably worried Tatum and Atkinson are coming round to knock him out cold again…..they really HATED Swannie for some reason. probly cause he was a trOXan. i remember once Atkinson knocked him out cold, and Swannie wasn’t anywhere near the ball!!!!



  9. I am sure lynn swann is a nice guy.
    But the job is over his head.
    He lives in the past and not the present. It appears from the surface
    He is just a figure head..
    He is told what to do and say.
    He stays away from news conferences as to not answer any questions. Other programs are suffering not just football. But the power to be does not care..
    Suggest for the AD to stop
    Smiling and act more serious
    On the field. Being behind
    And lossing games is nothing to smile about .

    There is nothing to fight on.


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