USC Following Its Own Path In Recruiting

Cornerback Trey Davis of Federal Way, Wash., is expected to commit to USC tomorrow.

Here is the interesting part: His other offers are from Portland State and Sacramento State.

Maybe USC saw Davis before other Division I schools and is getting a hidden gem. There is no rule that a player needs four stars to be recruited.

But to repeat what I said this morning, if USC offers an unheralded recruit, then it needs to honor the commitment.

It cannot simply take a prospect in May and drop him in December. There is way too much of that. You want examples? How about cornerback Marcus Johnson, who “decommitted” in January? Or wide receiver Andre Hunt, who “decommitted” in December? Remember safety C.J. Miller, who decommitted in 2017? Or wide receiver Melquise Stovall, who is now at Cal?

These are just off the top of my head. There are quite a few more. And it gets tiresome when it keeps happening.

UPDATED: Davis committed Thursday night. The USC internet sites are thrilled. So let’s hope USC honors the commitment.


12 thoughts on “USC Following Its Own Path In Recruiting

  1. WE ARE WKU !!!!!!!

    While kids committing to and then dropping schools is as common as schools offering lower rated kids and then dropping them when someone better comes along, USC should be better than this, it really looks sleazy and USC should be better than this. I mean, Gomer comes off as Mr Nice Guy, Mr. Faith Football & Family, why does he need to do this ?


    1. I get your point, karma — and I commend Scott’s and your sense of fair dealing —but, after all, ‘trading up’ IS allowed…..


  2. Time to take a step back and assess Clay Helton’s recruiting performance over the last 3 years. It’s excellent. You can criticize his game prep, his in-game calls, etc. But as far as getting top players? there are may be 2 or 3 coaches in the nation who have done it better than he has. So trying to evaluate him on a couple of scholie offers 7 months before the early signing period? Petty Roosevelt city…..

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    1. OK, tell me how many 5 star OL he’s recruited ? OL is the key to your team, Gomer thinks it’s WR’s, but if you don’t have stud OL’s you can’t play with the big boys. Go back and look at any great USC team, the OL was always full of studs.


  3. Are you saying we have a moral obligation to keep a kid once he has been selected by USC? You are nuts Wolf. Stuff happens. What about kids who leave USC after committing? They feel they have a better chance of playing somewhere else. What if USC is able to land a better recruit at that position? College football recruiting is a tough business and it basically is every one for themselves. This has been a tough fact for all schools and kids that want to play for them.


  4. I saw a video of the kid from Simi Valley bench pressing over 400 lbs. I guess he can fit in somewhere. I really don’t buy into the stars system. I think the only true measure of talent is to see for yourself. If a kid has skills stars are what the other team sees when the kid hits them.


  5. My question is, are the coaches afraid to compete four the four and five star recruits at this point of the recruiting season? They need to go after the best. PERIOD.


    1. If your mindset is that you’re still at WKU then they are going after the best, remember who these coaches are and where they are from.


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