Some Scholarship Offers More Equal Than Others

  • One thing I’m really tired of hearing every day is how “blessed” a recruit is to be offered a scholarship by a university.

It makes me wonder what would happen if all these players actually committed right now? USC offered 155 recruits for its Class of 2018. That’s 155 offers for around 25 scholarships.

UConn coach Randy Edsall recently noted some recruits get offered a scholarship but are told it is an uncommittable offer. This allows a recruit to tweet he has been offered and protects a school committing a scholarship too early.

“Any (recruit) getting an uncommittable offer from (an NCAA) member Institution should eliminate that school from their recruiting process. I would think they really don’t want you or respect you if that happens. Sad how some coaches and Institutions view recruiting,” Edsall said.

As I mentioned last week, USC simply allows recruits to commit and then withdraws the offer later.

I realize recruiting games are played by both sides. Wide receiver Jordan Payton (pictured) committed to four schools, including USC.

However, USC cooled on Payton so maybe that shouldn’t count against him. Anyways, kids can do crazy things. But they are kids.

College coaches are adults. So I think coaches bear a little more responsibility to stop some of this nonsense. I’m sure the recruitaholics disagree.

Meanwhile . . .

  • Former USC defensive backs coach Keith Heyward is now the co-defensive coordinator and associate head coach at Oregon. Talk about recovering from getting fired by Clay Helton two years ago.
  • The USC women’s track team finished first and the men’s track team third at the Pac-12 championships. It was the women’s first conference title since 1996. Sophomore Michael Norman won the 200-and-400 meters, just the third time in conference history that someone won that double.
  • USC baseball won 2 of 3 games against Washington State. It’s a case of too little, too late for the Trojans (23-23, 11-16), who are mired in ninth place out of 11 teams in the Pac-12. Colorado does not play baseball.

6 thoughts on “Some Scholarship Offers More Equal Than Others

    1. Join Colorado in leaving baseball out of our sports program? That’s one option, karma. But how ’bout we convince Colorado to join Pac 12 baseball instead? I’m fairly sure we could take their fledgling team and move up to 8th next season.

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      1. Mike, tell me you weren’t a math major. How does adding a team on the bottom move us up? Doesn’t it just increase the number below us?
        This is just some sort of trick geometry question, isn’t it?

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    2. What would one expect out of Edsall’s mouth? MD’s the equivalent of Cal or CO. No top tier player has playing for the ‘Terrapins’ a goal to work for. Edsall’s in a program that seems never to rise above Rutgers. Now if say Meyers, Swinney, Shaw et. al. had said that ok – they didn’t the MD head coach did.

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  1. Ha! Very funny, Pudly… [Once I had a student in my Evidence class —inaccurately– volunteer that transcripts of audio recordings were inadmissible in trial. When corrected, he protested, “What?! Now, I’m supposed to do research before answering?!]


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