USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

  • Former USC baseball coach/player Mike Gillespie makes his final appearance at Dedeaux Field when UC Irvine plays the Trojans tonight. Gillespie is 16-5 vs. USC since taking the Irvine job after being fired by Mike Garrett in 2006.
  • Gillespie won an NCAA title at USC in 1998 and also won a title as a player in 1961 for the Trojans. He is one of only two people to win NCAA titles as a coach and player.His firing will go down as one of the worst decisions in Garrett’s tenure as athletic director.


  • Meanwhile, the jury in the Todd McNair trial has asked for a portion of the transcript to be read back to them. The suspense is kiilling me.
  • The NFL Network is counting down its top 100 players. Former USC nose tackle Jurrell Casey is No. 66. He was No. 86 last season.
  • Former USC QB Matt Leinart and former Texas QB Vince Young will speak together in Los Angeles on Sept. 11 ahead of the USC-Texas game. The location for the event is TBA.

11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Tuesday Notes

  1. Keely Eure thinks that 2 day deliberations are a a sign that jurors are discussing the amount of damages to award McNair —-but asking to see the transcript of McNair’s testimony suggests they are evaluating McNair’s credibility more than focusing on the issue of damages.

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    1. Could be they’re trying to figure how hard he tried to look for work to assess a percentage of responsibility? Every jury I’ve been on was weird in what we asked for and why. Of course it’s probabl just because I was on the panel.

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      1. I WANT to believe you’re right, Pudly (not about you throwing all your panels out of wack [I would be disappointed with anything less]—but about the jury’s desire to assess McNair’s attempt to mitigate damages)……. it would suck SO bad if the NCAA got off the hook on this one.


    1. “If the score in the eighth is 1,999 – 0, and the bases are loaded, and our pitcher has a perfect game and it’s his turn at bat, I’m putting in a pinch hitter …”

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