USC Morning Buzz: Friday Notes

  • The news Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa nearly transferred to USC once again highlights how the Trojans botched his original recruitment.

Tagovailoa always wanted to go to USC. Remember, Sam Darnold was redshirting at USC during Tagovailoa’s senior year of high school. You really had to be at Howard Jones Field to know how good Darnold would be. But USC (for some reason) stopped recruiting Tagovailoa for a period of time and allowed Alabama to take over as his favorite.

Does this sound implausible? Remember, cornerback Thomas Graham was committed to USC and did not hear from defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast or secondary coach Ronnie Bradford for so long, he switched his commitment to Oregon.

Some already have said it doesn’t matter Tagovailoa did not come because USC has JT Daniels. They seem to forget Tagovailoa has already won a national title in his first season.

  • The irony of USC playing Alabama in 2020 is that if Tagovailoa transferred now, Nick Saban would not let him go to USC.
  • The trial has started for USC wide receiver Joseph Lewis, who has been charged with five counts of domestic violence. Lewis has been offered a plea deal of 36 months of probation, 60 days in city jail, completion of a year-long domestic violence class, a protective order with the alleged victim and 10-year ban on firearm use. Lewis said he still wants to return to USC.
  • Isaiah Mobley, the son of USC assistant coach Eric Mobley, committed to USC today. He is the second five-star forward to commit this week. This was always expected once Eric Mobley was hired at USC. As always, the usual disclaimer: What happens when the NCAA gets involved? The FBI has asked the NCAA not to investigate schools until it is done with its own case.

6 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Friday Notes

  1. Does his suspension come with duc tape? Put that stuff over his mouth and shut it up. If mouths could earn All American status, he would have won the Heisman in jaw flapping.


  2. “Tagovailoa has already won a national title in his first season” — are you crazy? He played half a game, but he was hardly responsible for the rest of the season. If I remember correctly, there was an Ohio State QB that played great in a post-season game, but never repeated the same the next season.


      1. Someday, in the far future (when his achievements are more fully understood), the name Cardale Jones will be mentioned in the same breath as Johnny Unitas and Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

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