USC Morning Buzz: Saturday Notes/Takes

  • USC cornerback Jack Jones is academically ineligible according to To be ineligible with no hope of summer courses helping him would mean Jones is in a dire situation academically.

For the past few months, I’ve heard Jones might have other issues that could imperil his status next season. I’m still looking into it. But if Jones leaves USC, what a disaster it will be for the 12th-ranked player in the nation by Rivals for 2016.

Sources said he was not attending classes at the start of the spring semester and it sounds like that might have continued despite Jones being suspended from spring practice. If he goes to junior college, he could play and then might try to get drafted by an NFL team. I’m not kidding.

The truth is USC might not even miss Jones. His play last season was frequently forgettable. If Jonathan Lockett is fully healthy, he would probably be more consistent. If either incoming freshman (Olaijah Griffin or Isaac Taylor-Stuart) develops, they might be better than Jones. A USC cornerback develop? Now that is a crazy thought.

At least we won’t have to see defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast or secondary coach Ronnie Bradford fail to keep Jones from losing his cool during games. That was one of the more frustrating things last season, as Clay Helton would not even discipline him for continued penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

  • USC received a commitment Friday night from defensive end Gino Quinones of St. Louis High in Honolulu. His other offers were from Arizona, Utah State, Fresno State and Hawaii.

If I note his lack of offers from major schools or USC’s propensity to take risky prospects this time of year and drop them later, the homers will go wild. They will offer theories that defend USC at all cost. Because all they want is commitments, whether they get honored or not.

  • How many scandals has USC president Max Nikias overseen that were not published in the L.A. Times? It’s amazing how much lack of accountability USC’s displayed in the past year with doctor scandals. And there is no way of knowing what else has been going on that the university has ignored until the media finds out.
  • The USC Hall of Fame dinner is tonight. Tickets cost $400 apiece. Money is the only thing that matters to USC, in case you didn’t already know. Troy Polamalu, Chris Claiborne, Sam Clancy and Barry Zito are the headliners.
  • Later today, I will post a fond memory of the late Larry Friend.

16 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Saturday Notes/Takes

    1. You live for that, don’t you, firing what you think are zingers against a guy you get pleasure putting down but keep visiting his blog just so you can put him down, and you question if he has any friends?


      1. PK should do the rounds with The Big Question: “Do you have any friends?” Every sportscaster—-from ESPN to Fox Sports—- should be forced to answer. Anyone who can’t come up with 10 names is gone.


  1. There are a ton of other issues going on at the hospitals that will eventually come out in the media. There is basically no oversight over certain doctors and departments.


  2. I blame the coaches for Jack Jones’ play. They should have pulled him from the games. Let him transfer if he thinks that would be uinfair. Discpline wins gams, not the flapping of his jaw. He got burned so much, he looked like a torch. When the other team needed a td or a first down they threw to Jones’ side.


  3. Guys don’t show up on campus and all of a sudden have composure or discipline issues. They’re usually there through their high school years.

    Someone on the coaching staff should have seen Jones’ issues from his high school play and figured out a plan to deal with it once he arrived.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The Jones situation it’s pretty safe to it’s Trump and the NRA we should blame. I mean who teaches these kids to shoot their mouths off?


    1. I just went back and watched a slew of Jack Jones interviews on YouTube.
      This is NOT a young man who should be struggling in school. He’s as smart as they come. Somewhere along the line, Jack got turned off to the whole big time college football scene—-and everything that goes with it. It’s the job of the staff to see these melt downs coming (and head them off).
      I hope Jack gets it together. And maybe it’s time for all of us —me included—to stop kicking this kid when he’s down.

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  5. Both with Porfiriato and now this monster Tyndall – were ‘quietly’ allowed to ‘leave’ without any 3rd party blow back. bad enough with Porfiriato but his pig lecher Tyndall got a complete ride – both signed off by ‘Max’. Mind you the same ‘max’ who couldn’t wait to fire Garrett once Sample retired and put in his boy toy Haden.

    Porfiriato and Tyndall given financial settlements – no reporting to any outside legal authority. LA Times reporting >5,000 Chinese nationals are students at USC (under and graduate) – better check and see what it is that makes anyone think this clown Nikias hasn’t a clue of these scandals prior to his ‘I’m shocked to see there’s gambling here!’
    Hey Max what deal did tyou give ‘Pat’ after he ‘separated’ ‘officially’ from USC? That sweet scam he had for 10+ years plundering the Mayr Foundation warranted ‘Pat’ staying on to ‘oversee’ the Coliseum renovation.

    Bush, McNair Floyd all thrown to the curb but for those two big fish doctors – nothing and as for Pat well let’s just say he’s slithering through the sewer huh? Maybe?


  6. Jack Jones is doing our job for us – very much want to see another very talented DB get a shot, and he was just clogging the path. If he doesn’t want to go to class, I don’t want him on the field. Dunzo.


  7. Lol. How dumb do you have to be to earn ineligibility at fig tech. I heard JJ really struggled in his water colors and finger painting classes.


      1. So UCLA has finally ( & cleverly) dropped education from their Mission Statement….


  8. My major disappointment is not getting rid of the men volleyball coach,
    and the baseball coach. Swann is so incompetent as AD it is obvious with
    his women tennis coach and women volleyball coach hires. It can’t be the money factor. Any thoughts Wolfie?


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