Sunday Notes

  • The NFLPA Rookie event this weekend had its picture day at Cal Lutheran with the Coliseum unavailable.

Sam Darnold is in the back row. Ronald Jones is in Row 3.

  • USC’s Hall of Fame dinner last night featured former baseball coach Mike Gillespie.

“I will be in the wing for fired coaches,” Gillespie said.

  • I mentioned USC’s four-overtime victory over UCLA in 1985 yesterday. The performance of the game was from forward Wayne Carlander. He had 38 points and 13 rebounds. Carlander made 14 of 19 shots.
  • Quarterback Kedon Slovis of Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Ariz., who committed to USC yesterday, was not highly recruited by the Pac-12. His only other offer was from Oregon State.

“They are only one of two Pac-12 teams to believe in him and extend an offer this early,” Desert Mountain coach David Sedmak told the Arizona Republic. “He was clearly ignored by many others up until recently and he is excited to prove USC correct.”

The offensive coordinator at Desert Mountain is former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner.

  • The USC men’s tennis team lost to UCLA, 4-3, in the NCAA quarterfinals in Winston Salem, N.C.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Notes

  1. Kedon Slovis is a competitor—– anyone who’s watched him play has seen his ability to keep a play alive (particularly, his willingness to take a hit in order to get his pass off). He seems indestructible (sort of the ‘Anti-Rosen’). He’s also smart and has a strong arm. Only drawback? Let’s just say he’s not exactly a threat as a runner.


  2. It is alright to take a few diamonds in the rough. However, SC needs to go after the best talent in the nation. Areas of concern are o linemen. A very good o line will win u two to three games on their merit alone. Just ask the o lines back in the 70’s.


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