Morning Buzz: USC Keeps Making May Recruiting Interesting

May is turning out to be a busy recruiting month.

Mater Dei running back Sean Dollars (pictured) and cornerback Jeremiah Criddell committed to Oregon on Sunday.

This only caught my attention because Dollars drew quite a bit of interest from USC internet sites, which means the Trojans were interested.

But Dollars and Criddell are four-star recruits, so maybe I will hear from the recruiting analysts that USC didn’t want them. Maybe if they were three stars . . .

You can view recent recruiting developments two ways: USC coaches are doing a great job and getting on recruits faster than other schools, which accounts for the high number of three star or even unranked recruits.

Or you can be skeptical. I spoke to a former USC coach over the weekend who was shocked the Trojans was taking so many commitments from lightly recruited prospects.

“Shouldn’t USC be going against Alabama for recruits instead of Sacramento State?” the coach asked.

I even asked a national recruiting analyst, who I will keep confidential because they rely on USC for information: “It’s actually really weird how they are taking all these commitments,” he said.

It might work out. It might not matter. But it is making May interesting.

At this rate, I might start an over/under on how many of these guys will actually sign a letter of intent.




8 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Keeps Making May Recruiting Interesting

  1. I remember the only recruiter who was known to find “diamonds in the rough” was coach Ed Orgeron. Let’s hope that’s the same case with Helton and co. If not, it almost seems like they’re sabotaging the program for failure.


    1. Scott used to complain about the rating systems. Complained for years about USC passing on Sean Harlow and that Kiffen was too enamored of the recruiting star system.

      Now, of course, he’s using it to attack Helton. If there is one thing Scott is consistent about, it’s his hypocrisy.


      Vorhess will most likely start at RG. Will be all-conference by the time he graduates. Three star.

      Christian Rector is being discussed as a high draft pick. Three star.

      Iosefa. Filled in for five-star Gustin and actually set the edge better. Not a lot of complaints that the SDE was a weakness last year. Three star.

      Massina. Five star in jail.
      Lewis. Five star soon to be in jail.
      Dixon. Four star, one of top TE’s in nation. Jail.
      Jack Jones. Five star. No jail, but no going to class.

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      1. So what keeps the 3 stars outta jail? [I’m waiting for my friend, Charlie Bucket, to tell us that the 5 stars are Trump supporters and the 3 stars are Hillary Supporters]……


    1. Meh. It’s May. Some of these kids will be told to look at other schools.
      Only two or three of the five will sign with USC, including the QB, who is a placeholder between Daniels and Uiagalelei. Two or three will get their fourth star by the end of the summer camps.

      With the except of the QB, all of these are defensive recruits. Clancy likes his body types. Bigger CBs with long arms, big LB’s with lateral speed.

      All of these three stars will use a USC commit to get other Power 5 schools interested. It’s why they committed so early. They know the game. It’s a win-win. If they get their fourth star and blow up senior year, USC is there early. And by committing early, these kids will now get invites to and attention at some of the more “bigger” summer camps and other Power schools. It’s a win-win.


    2. Judging from the 1992 Freedom Bowl results, Larry’s biggest problem was not stealing enough guys from Fresno State…..


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