USC-Alabama Make It Official

This is obviously old news to everyone but USC announced it will play Alabama in 2020 at AT&T Stadium.

Alabama is getting $6 million. USC’s pay out is not announced but probably in the $4-5 million range.

To speculate on this game now would probably be foolish. Will Clay Helton be the coach in 2020? Will Nick Saban even be at Alabama then? About the only certain thing is that JT Daniels will be USC’s quarterback.

But to be honest, nothing else really matters other than if Saban is still coaching at Alabama. If he is, forget it.

UPDATED: Some are making the case this is a foolish matchup in terms of helping USC’s chances of making the College Football Playoff.

But USC lost to Alabama, 52-6, in 2016 and still had a great chance to make the CFP. It was really USC’s losses to Stanford and Utah that knocked it out of the CFP. The Alabama game didn’t matter because it was the season opener.


6 thoughts on “USC-Alabama Make It Official

  1. Scooter, I disagree with your thought about Saban being there and SC not having a chance. Like you said earlier in the post, why discuss it, it is too far out. However, If Saban is there and if Daniels is there with Drevino as the line coach, then SC’s odds went up.

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    1. Alabama lost to Auburn this year at the peak of their powers – the Auburn team who lost to Central Florida. Don’t bend over that far for the coach, Scottie.

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  2. USC has the skill positions (pending QB) to compete with The Tide right now. The Trojan defense of today appears to be strong, but the SC offensive line would suffer with the Alabama defense. It’s up to Clay and staff to bring in and develop strong enough players to avoid a repeat of the previous meeting. We’ll see.

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    1. Maybe it should be Hunger. No way you can compare the skill positions of the Tide to the Trojans this coming season. Don’t be ridiculous. If you include the secondary in skill it is even a bigger disparity. Losing Darnold,
      Jones, and Burnett and Mitchell when they were there and can’t really score vs. ND or Ohio St. where is the skill coming from this season.?


  3. USC’s college football playoff chances depend more on the strength of their assistant coaches rather than hoping to play lesser teams to give them a cheap edge. USC should never schedule cupcakes.

    USC is doing fine scheduling strong teams. But, they are utterly failing with it’s assistant coach hires (OL coach Callaway and OC Tee Martin and his soft offense need to be shown the door immediately).


  4. While I dont think USC should travel (again) to play Alabama in their territory, I agree the game is almost meaningless for a playoff berth. Whatever team loses still gets in if they win all the rest of their games. A season opener is the perfect toke to play a big-time opponent and I hope USC still has annual matches like these early.

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