Max Nikias, J.K. McKay, Ronald Jones In Friday’s Notes Column

Among those inducted into the USC Hall of Fame last weekend was former USC wide receiver J.K. McKay, the son of former USC coach John McKay.

I’m told Pat Haden did not attend but sponsored a table at the event. I do not know why Haden did not attend. Maybe he did not feel well.

But he and McKay’s close friendship is well known and Haden brought McKay with him when he became USC athletic director in 2010.

Haden often made fun of McKay, who played the role of sidekick, at public events. So it would have made sense for Haden to attend the Hall of Fame dinner and honor his buddy.

Except . . . there’s been a lot of talk the pair had a falling out when Haden stepped down (or got fired) as athletic director two years ago. McKay liked his job at USC but left when Lynn Swann took over. Whether he wanted to leave or was told to leave depends on who you ask.

It would be a shame if that played a role in Haden not attending the Hall of Fame dinner.

McKay is working for the new Alliance of American Football professional league that will debut in 2019 on CBS.

  • USC president Max Nikias is known for being prolific on Instagram. But Nikias has not posted any photos since May 13. I wonder why?
  • Nearly 400 full-time faculty members have signed a letter this week asking for Nikias to step down as president. Neither Nikias nor the Board of Trustees seem to have the confidence of the faculty and students. What an awful way for a university to be governed.
  • Former USC tailback Ronald Jones is the only Tampa Bay draft pick who remains unsigned.
  • Former USC point guard Jordan McLaughlin will work out with the Sacramento Kings on Friday. Among other players at the workout will be Arizona forward Dusan Ristic and North Carolina guard Joel Berry II.
  • USC baseball lost to Cal State Northridge, 2-1, in 10 innings. If the Trojans do not win their final two games against CSUN, they will finish below .500. CSUN needs to win its final two games to finish .500. A fitting final series for each team.
  • Is the Todd McNair trial still over?

18 thoughts on “Max Nikias, J.K. McKay, Ronald Jones In Friday’s Notes Column

  1. The faculty and the students want Max to go. Max is in deep trouble. Anyone who knows anything about USC knows what powerful forces the faculty and the students are.


    1. Hearing Nokias could be gone no later than monday.. As a USC alum it’s disappointing to say the least…

      Hope you are well Michael G.



      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, USC Dan 86! So good to hear from you!
        I’m well —but I think the air here in Maui is a shade off as a result of volcano activity. [My doctor and her receptionist— both of whom were nonstop coughing—told me not to worry]…..


  2. True, J. K. McKay gave Trojan fans lots of great memories —not the least of which are his spectacular catches in USC’s greatest game: the 1974 comeback victory over Notre Dame. Throughout his life, J. K. has shown nothing but love for the program. But —let’s face it— he couldn’t measure up to the stringent demands and perfectionism of our present Athletic Director, Lynn Swann. Lynn knows (and demands that his staff knows) exactly —-and I mean exactly —-what’s going on within USC sports at any given moment [unless the demands of his Water Board gig briefly get in the way].


  3. The Athletic Dept. knows nothing. They only know about fund raising.
    Where is the uproar about keeping the Men Volleyball coach Nygaard
    around for another season after a rousing 8 – 20 record in this past season. The women volleyball change coach even though they almost made it to the final four. There was a conflict between coach and asst.
    AD for women sports which seems the reason for any change in leadership at USC.


    1. SC seems to only hire coaches with ZERO previous experience as a head coach, same for there recent AD’s, or hires coaches from obscure schools on the cheap.

      USC athletics is in a world of hurt.


  4. Buddakarma,

    I was originally a Swann supporter, but his hiring and non-firing of coaches has led SC down the road to mediocrity. Swann needs to leave.

    Who would u bring in if u were able to hire an AD? I don’t know. Maybe the Stanford AD or promote one of the guys in the SC department


  5. wolfman, on the SC homer sites, you’ll find that McNair actually WON his case against the NCAA!!

    of course it’s only a SYMBOLIC victory based on some comments from the few jurors on the Dog Whisperer’s side!

    but those comments were still enough for the tunnel visioned Homers to blame the loss of a $27Million verdict on McNair’s “idiot Attorney”…..they declared victory based on the some juror’s meaningless comments!! well i reckon McNair would still rather have the money, HAWR-HAWR!!!!



    1. Charlie —I think what McNair would like MORE than anything is a Get Out Of Jail Free Card for killing his attorney for dropping the negligence counts……


  6. J.K. McKay a.k.a. Lane Kiffin’s “baby-sitter”

    At USC, J.K. McKay is still Pat Haden’s go-to guy

    McKay, quarterback Haden’s favorite receiver when they played for the Trojans in the 1970s, now is new athletic director Haden’s point man overseeing a troubled football program. The dynamic hasn’t changed much, and their close friendship has only grown stronger.

    August 20, 2010|Bill Dwyre



    J.K. McKay says he is not George Orwell, this is not 1984, and he is not Big Brother watching over Lane Kiffin.

    “That’s not how I see it,” McKay says, “and not how Lane sees it, either.”

    Then McKay smiles, something happening a lot these days at USC’s Heritage Hall.

    “Yes, Lane has been something of a lightning rod,” McKay says. “My job is to keep him off ‘SportsCenter.’ We’ll look up at the TV screen at that little scrawl across the bottom and I’ll say, ‘See, you’re not there. Way to go.'”

    It was barely a month ago that McKay picked up the phone in his Century City law office. On the other end was his lifelong friend, Pat Haden.

    “I remember exactly what I said,” McKay says. “You’re going to do what?”

    Within an hour, McKay had left the law firm of Jeffer, Mangels, Butler and Marmaro and returned to the winning sports combination of Haden and McKay. Haden would be USC’s new athletic director and McKay would be his associate in charge of the football program.


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