USC-UNLV Game: Bring Your Own Paramedics

USC is going to play UNLV at 1 p.m. on Sept. 1.

Anyone want to guess what the temperature will be that day?

Last year’s Western Michigan game might have been the hottest game I ever attended at the Coliseum.

Maybe you can take cover under a construction crane. I would recommend watching the game on TV but it will be on the Pac-12 Network.

So you might want to take a pass on this game.

13 thoughts on “USC-UNLV Game: Bring Your Own Paramedics

  1. I thought it was interesting that you didn’t comment on all these points when you originally posted the time. I should have known you’d bring the car back around the corner for another crack it… good work


    1. He needed to make a donut run..(jkg) lol.. I actually like Scott’s new format and blog.. It’s been a while since I’ve been on these sites.. Hope all is well.

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  2. If that’s the case on the game time then USC should have just played the game in Vegas.

    I like home games and all but a weekend in Vegas with the game and all that Vegas has to offer wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

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    1. “a weekend in Vegas….with all that Vegas as to offer….”


  3. I’m giving away my game tickets should someone decide to go.. The tickets are in tunnel 7 aisle 45 and 46 seats 1-2 ..

    Fight On ✌

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      1. I’m actually good friends with Rick Caruso and his family .. I knew for several days he was to become the voice of BOT.. Rick brings a lot to the table.. Was never a fan of Mad Max and Pay Me Pat!..

        Rick is a huge football fan.. So Clay better be careful.. He did doesn’t have Mad Max to cover for him anymore!

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  4. The hottest game possibly in history at the Coliseum was against Purdue being 110 in the shade on August 31st late nineties at 11 :30 am kickoff.
    Caruso builds outdoor shopping centers/ malls. Another loser who backed Nikias originally until the heat got too hot. He did a lousy job being the head of the Police commission for awhile. Everyone at USC is a huge football fan with most them knowing almost nothing about the other sports or could care less it seems.


    1. I was there. I believe that was the game Carson threw his first pass. Do you recall the band members getting carried out on stretchers due to the heat?


  5. It was 110-117 degrees. I was there. Drew Breeze was the Purdue q.b. Why didn’t Swann tell the Pac 12 network to shove it and have the game at 5 or 7 pm. It is like no one will watch it.


    1. LSU game in LA in the 80’s was brutal, humidity was high, temp was like 103, Florida game in LA for Tollner’s first game was brutally hot.

      I was at the Illinois game in the 80’s in Campaign, heat index was 130


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