JT Daniels Expected To Move To USC On Friday

Wunderkind quarterback JT Daniels is expected to join other freshmen and move into USC on Friday.

Now we presume this means Daniels has completed his 11 classes to earn his high school diploma. But it is worth reminding everyone he must be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse. Sometimes that does not happen until August.

The way USC is promoting Daniels, maybe they know he will be eligible. But in cases like these, it is always best to wait for official word.

It used to be a tradition during the Carroll Era that at least one freshman would not get cleared. Daniels seems to have been preparing to graduate early for a long time, so he should be able to do it.


8 thoughts on “JT Daniels Expected To Move To USC On Friday

  1. I think you picked an improper whipping-boy this time, Scottie. I think the kid is a 4.0 student. He’s not some prop-48 who is going to squeek by with a 1.8 high school GPA. Don’t think he would have got to all the trouble to reclassify if he weren’t confident it could be done. But keep plugging away!

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  2. J. T. ‘s GPA was OVER a 4.0 when he embarked on his 11 class final semester —-there’s no way he didn’t pass his classes (and graduate).

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  3. “Wunderkind”? So a new love affair begins. Actually, I thought Daniels said the decision to grad early did not come up until late, but who are we to call the writer wrong?

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    1. The new love affair will not be easy. As great as J. T. looks on film, it takes a while to know the exact speed of each of your receivers, the exact timing of your tailbacks on the handoff, the many (many) peculiarities of your o-line, the exact bag of tricks Pendergast has bestowed on the corners. Summer workouts & Fall practice probably aren’t gonna be a picnic.
      Note to Scott: Almost all the football publications rate coaching in addition to the position groups. Throughout the Helton years USC Coaching has been ranked in the bottom half of the Pac 12 —-and I don’t think it’s because of Coach Helton or Pendergast ——it’s the rest of the staff that earns those 8th and 9th place finishes.

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