Does Clay Helton Still Want Jack Jones To Return?

Earlier this week, Clay Helton said he wanted Jack Jones to return in 2019. I said at the time I doubted this statement and I’m even more certain now Jones will never return to USC.

I’ve heard there were some off-field issues with Jones besides his academic problems and now he has two felony charges to deal with after allegedly breaking into a Panda Express (orange chicken anyone?).

And now let’s check out the 2016 recruiting class: Jack Jones was arrested; E.J. Price was kicked off the team and transferred to Kentucky; Jamel Cook was pushed off to transferring somewhere and Nathan Smith took a medical retirement.

I won’t even get into some of the recruits that already burned two years of eligibility and have yet to produce on the field. But don’t question the coaching staff about evaluation.


12 thoughts on “Does Clay Helton Still Want Jack Jones To Return?

  1. I met coach Helton 1 time…it was completely by chance and I was so surprised as were my friends. It was about an hour or so before his first spring game on campus on the street that runs by Heritage…..I bent down to tie my shoes and when I arose there he was out of the blue lol…he may recall it because I made over him and gushed with joy and we took a picture. He then asked if we would like a ride to the game in his personal vehicle. We were shocked! I politely turned him down because I didn’t want to bother but he was genuine…as he is now. I root for his success because he’s that guy. I saw his countenance. Thanks Coach. My friends smile about it to this day and later berated me laughing because they wanted to see the players up close, I guess. I hope he coaches at USC as long as his heart desires but he knows the challenges before him. I’m sure it pains him to see young men go astray.

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      1. Buddy, I normally respect on what you say, however, on this one I think you went overboard. Normally u are above that type of comment. I personally have met Helton and Stephen is correct about Helton, he is very nice and genuine. I hope for his success as well. He is a good guy that deserves to win. I hope he does. Thank u Buddha for letting me share my opinion with u.

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    1. Helton is a very very average coach…come the end of this season with tons of empty seats lets see how far being nice gets him…but if you are rich enough and by your comments it seems you might have more money than brains…you might want chip in with a little cash for the shortfall Heltons coaching skills will bring to the USC coffers…


  2. Every school has these idiots.

    13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up 35% of jail inmates, and 37% of prison inmates of the 2.2 million male inmates as of 2014, I wonder why ?


    1. America needs to do a better job of integrating…that means personal choice contact which leads to relation….not just in job, school, sport or church….these are insufficient because they don’t come from choice but duty, obligation, legality and profit. Integration comes from the heart which produces faith to engage race contrary to our own. If we start doing that better, I believe we can make it….you’ll know you’re on the right track because your attempts will produce much pleasure and benefit as well as challenge and pain and consternation. Everything you believe will be tested. This is the work of integration that will lead to a better understanding……our numbers are daunting but each person has an obligation before God almighty. He looks at your heart and will remember at judgement.


  3. Okay back to Scott’s post. This year I have heard a lot about USC offering scholarships to 3 star players. Maybe this is the coaching staff evaluating character. In the past it was all about how many stars a kid has after his name. However football is a 3 month sport consisting of 3.5 hours of performance a week (more often if you’re a PAC 12 team) so the content of character really does matter.
    I think coach Helton’s wish for Jones return was also a statement meant to say if he gets his act together, he’s welcome. Unfortunately this kid believes the stars after his name mean he’s too good in everything to worry. If he doesn’t get the message soon he’ll next play for the prison team. USC needs to offer him counseling.


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