USC Sunday Buzz: Looks Like USC Needs Tight Ends in 2019 Too

I mentioned yesterday USC’s offered scholarships to 33 wide receivers from the Class of 2019 and 2020.

By comparison, USC’s offered 34 offensive linemen. There are five linemen on the field and usually three receivers, right?

Now wide receivers are probably easier to evaluate this time of year with so many skill-position camps but this does illustrate how USC simply loves wide receivers. And tight ends.

USC’s offered 10 tight ends from the Class of 2019. That’s right, 10!

Tyler Petite is a senior. Daniel Imatorbhebhe is a redshirt junior. Maybe he will go pro. But he had a extremely disappointing sophomore season after being hurt for part of the season.

But 10 seems a bit excessive. If you want your son to play at USC, have them play wide receiver or tight end.


5 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Looks Like USC Needs Tight Ends in 2019 Too

  1. I want to think there’s a method to the madness of recruiting so many receivers. My pet theory? Helton and Martin want a dozen receivers —with completely different styles, sizes and moves —-ready to play every game. (Then) It’s up to the opposing corners to adjust to different speeds, different heights, different cuts, etc. The problems with my theory? Under Helton, the top 3 receivers are on the field 95% of the time. Everybody else takes up bench space. (And, if we did spread it around among a dozen receivers, it might be as tough on our own quarterback as the opposing corners to make all the necessary adjustments on every pass play)……

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    1. Linemen usually don’t play right away, receivers usually don’t stay 5 yrs., so the turnover on receivers is probably much higher (between transfers and early draft entrants). I don’t care if they offer 1000. It’s about who they take.


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