LeBron James To Lakers

Since I am a man of the people, I figured I would allow you to weigh in on the Lakers’ big signing. How long until King James tells LaVar Ball to keep his mouth shut?

Will the Lakers win an NBA title during his stay in L.A.? Is his son now enrolling at Sierra Canyon for certain?

So many questions . . .


9 thoughts on “LeBron James To Lakers

  1. Yeah, when Kawhi (sp?) joins the club either this week or July 1 of next summer, they’ll be one of the 2 favorites to win it all.


  2. I grew up a big Laker fan and loved the hay days only to see Time Warner highjack them and the Dodgers….we used to live for going out and gathering to laugh and eat and drink and hoop and holler but all that is gone for me, unfortunately for years now….I have lived to see the Clippers actually be compared to the Lakers lol and watched while the Lakers have become impotent…Mr. Buss’ talents have not been duplicated and the records and performance levels have plummeted since Kobe and Shaquille and ALL the previous greats…what the heck happened? WATCHING Chick and the club on regular normal television was key……Time Warner, and those who let them, disintegrated my love of the Lakers and Dodgers…The game of basketball has just become a matter of who has enough cap space to overpay during which particular year based on the whims of the very few…I .haven’t watched either in years save an occasional visit to Vegas trying to have fun and crack the number to profit and pass time……greed, overpayments and spiraling make it all but certain it will never return…So be it….America is not a place for kings and queens. That’s not who we are or what we were founded upon….just people who may think they are. LeBron seems a good man and has done a great job handling himself and playing the game so I like him even though I bristle at his nickname……For those still willing to pay the escalating greed based prices, I hope he brings them as many titles as he can to satiate the small fortunes they spend just to get a glimpse and feel part of it all…..exploitation has ruined pro sports for me even though I miss seeing the talent….with widespread legalized gambling coming it makes it even more challenging for a return to the good ole days…their commissioner even advocates it…he doesn’t realize what he heaps upon his own product because at least Vegas was capable, and took a keen interest in policing fixers…Now, their enforcement will be next to impossible and trusting the integrity of the products will be tested. Oh well, let the games go on and the buyer beware….

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    1. I don’t think people understand the laws of diminishing returns….at least they don’t act like it…I don’t see any good stewards in any pro sport anymore…Maybe they still exist, but peer pressure and corporate pressure and self pressure seem to be winning the games….not the fans…not even close….


  3. The nba has been ruined by the refs ensuring who will win the game. I remember back in the 80’s the refs would all the tickiest tackiest foul against the lakers just so the series could go to game 7. I quit watching nba a very long time ago because of the corporate greed, the high prices for tickets, and the stupid noise they play while the play is going on. I don’t think I can go back. The prices for tickets just went even higher. Why spend $300 for a ticket against the Indiana pacers? I love college basket ball, but the nba I could care less. I hope LaBron does well but the nba has to bring the game back to the people and they won’t because they are making too much money. Heaven forbid an average fan can enjoy the game.


    1. Look I get your gist ‘but’ ….’…ruined by the refs’? Hey ask any Laker fan from the late 60’s up against the Celtics it was ruined by a ‘ref’; name of Mendy Rudolph – a known gambler.


  4. James signing reminds me of the LAA signing their dynamic troika ‘CJ Wilson, Josh Hamilton and (drum roll) Albert Pujols.’ Expect the same outcome because Jerry West was not part of this front end Brinks Truck for ‘Mr. Humble’ James…now we’ll have even more of the sports radio here consumed by this boring sport at the detriment of MLB.


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