USC Saturday Buzz

Did you hear cornerback Chris Steele committed to USC?

Steele officially committed Friday. Everyone knew he was going to pick USC for several weeks so it was no surprise.

As a five-star cornerback, Steele won’t have much pressure on him to perform better than a couple recent five-star corners at USC: Iman Marshall and Jack Jones.

USC also has two five-star corners who will be freshmen this season: Isaac Taylor-Stuart and Olaijah Griffin. At least there are no unrealistic expectations on them this season, in part because of recent five-star disappointments.


8 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz

    1. Whew, Pudly! [I bet that’s what Freshman Philosophy students were told by Dean Beck after Yours Truly graduated —–“lads, we reached the bottom of the barrel last year —-it’s gonna be all uphill from here on…”]

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  1. What we see from a high school star and what we see with college player are worlds apart. First not every high school league is the same and some power house teams might just be big fish in a little pond. And second most high school coaches are not professional coaches. So the way a multi star player reacts to the college system is always going to be different. It would be nice if the stars meant anything but really they are a reward for the high school kid and not the college that recruits him.

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  2. I don’t doubt that Iman and Jackie Jones haven’t lived up to the hype (Iman still has another year to make good) but 5 star Adoree Jackson didn’t disappoint. Even won the Thorpe Award.

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