Four-Star Tight End Ethan Rae Commits To USC

Ethan Rae, a four-star tight end from Orange Lutheran, committed to USC tonight. He is ranked the No. 4 tight end in the nation per

USC is expected to take two tight ends in the Class of 2019 recruiting class. USC now has 11 commitments and the No. 28-ranked class in 2019.

So as some quality commits start coming in, a question remains over how many of those odd early commitments will stick all the way until Signing Days?


7 thoughts on “Four-Star Tight End Ethan Rae Commits To USC

  1. Wait until the next class reacts to the way the quarterback derby plays out to see the answer to your question.


    1. Wait til the football season starts. I have a sneaking suspicion Scott’s #’s will go way up. Even now —with nothing going on —-he’s drawing more replies than the more established sites…


      1. Scott only averaged about four or five posts a day with the DN, unless it was a troll-baiting post. The difference is that the troll-baiting posts are less and less and the UCLA trolls are nowhere to be found. Maybe being a lower-profile site has kept them away. Maybe the trolls and the troll-baiting was SCNG/DigitalFirst policy in order to boost hits. Hmmmmm . . .


  2. Ha! [Yes, Pudley —there IS a secret page. The great majority of replies appear on Scott’s OTHER Blog, “The Kissed Mouth” —- which, on the surface, appears to be a Pre-Raphaelite site —–but, actually, is a cleverly disguised companion site to InsideUSC…..


  3. Fitting that your pic of Ethan Rae is as a Servite Friar. He’s now at OLu because like so many high school athletes, they ping-pong from one school to another.


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