USC Saturday Buzz

Here are the odds to win the Pac-12 title game according to the Westgate Casino in Las Vegas:

Washington 4-7

USC 4-1

Stanford 9-2

Oregon 8-1

Arizona 15-1

Utah 15-1

UCLA 40-1

Colorado 50-1

Arizona State 50-1

Cal 60-1

Washington State 80-1

Oregon State 500-1

Meanwhile, the Big 12 media days (July 16-17) will be televised on Fox Sports and some of the Fox Sports Regional Networks. If you want to watch Pac-12 media, you better have the Pac-12 Network.


4 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz

  1. I guess I’ll never get why Scott keeps implying that (1) the Pac 12 Network is not readily available to Trojan fans all over this wonderful globe and/or (2) that the Pac 12 Network is Fox Sports’ weak sister….

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    1. Scott is a joke for having no idea of: the terms of the contract specific to payout to each school and what ‘%’ of the fans have access to the exclusive cable provider – kind of like all those Dodger fans who watch every game they play right?


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