NCAA Passes On Los Angeles For Final Four

The NCAA announced future sites for the Final Four: Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio and Indianapolis will host the event in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Where is Los Angeles? Or Inglewood, since the new Rams stadium was considered a natural venue for the Final Four.

Maybe the lackluster interest in college basketball in Southern California is a factor. Although the area usually gets behind big events.



4 thoughts on “NCAA Passes On Los Angeles For Final Four

  1. Scooter

    Why do you have a football photo instead of a basketball photo? Do you know that they are different sports? just wondering.


  2. Ah poor legacy ‘bel-air tech’ …. all those banners (mind you last one was what? Oh yeah 23 years ago!) oh well we can rotate the palace guards around the ‘faux’ study hall for Woodie and regales their grandkids with “…way back in 1974 I saw this great man win his last NCAA title!” “No kidding gramps….gee how come that ‘rebuilt’ arena doesn’t have an ice rink? How come the football field only has 80 yards? How come no one wants to ever talk about Sam Gilbert?” “Who told you that name?!” “Bobby Knight.”


  3. The L.A. Communist Times rehased the game that was played in the Astrodome fifty years ago for about the millionth time. However, they don’t rehash Sam Gilbert’s article from the L.A.Times. The guy was going to sing like a canary at the Grand Jury but he croocked on the steps of the Grand Jury. Too bad he couldn’t have lived for another week or so. Johnny “Cheetin” Wooden would have lived in infamy and shame.


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