Ex-USC Defensive Lineman Jurrell Casey Vows To Protest National Anthem

Former USC defensive tackle Jurrell Casey is a three-time Pro Bowl selection with the Tennessee Titans. Casey told CNN he would risk being fined and protest during the national anthem at NFL games this season.

“I’m going to take a fine this year, why not?” the three-time Pro-Bowler told CNN. “I’m going to protest during the flag. That’s what I’m going to say now.”

The new NFL policy will subject teams to fines if one of their players protests during the anthem. Players are allowed to remain in the locker room if they choose.


7 thoughts on “Ex-USC Defensive Lineman Jurrell Casey Vows To Protest National Anthem

  1. I thought that there was a clause in the players contract’s or the union contract that the player would stand for the anthem and have the helmet in the left hand at his hip. If that is the case, then why doesn’t the nfl support this clause and make everyone stand? Thank you.


  2. Thanks so much Scott for sharing this. You are doing a great job keeping the fans up on the latest info inside USC. Life would be so meaningless without this vital information. However do you pull this off?


    1. Scott is here to provide a substitute for the missing moral compass at SoCal.
      He sees the truth, he tells the truth however unpopular amongst his fellow SoCal Alumni.
      Through the cesspool storm of behavior that has come to light at SoCal in the last several years, Scott and Petros alone provide a beacon of truth and light in an attempt to provide navigation to a rudderless ship despite the protests it’s deaf, dumb & blind passengers.
      I predict that one day a repentant SoCal Board will replace Nikkia’s Hecuba with a statue of Petros and Heritage Hall will be renamed, Wolff’s Den.


  3. He’s misguided and missing a great chance to do it better. There’s a time and place for protest. You don’t see people at his wedding or his grandma’s funeral protesting for higher minimum wage? It’s the Westboro Baptist church thing. They protest gays in the military by protesting at military funerals. Wrong time and place. If you want to protest police brutality using the NFL as your megaphone, do it during the post-game press conference or post-game press availability. “Hi Mike, I’d love to answer your question about the D-line play, but let me first just say that 1200 unarmed young men have been killed by law enforcement in the last 3 years. Now, back to football.” That would do it. We’d actually be talking about the issue – or at least thinking about it for a moment, instead of having to see the American Flag protested – as many believe.

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  4. I would get behind this as a form of free speech, after all NFL players are abused and taking a knee during a game has always stood for a protest of some sort right? But most of the players in the NFL are about one thing; looking out for number one and this stance is more aggrandizing than anything. Taking a knee is not going to stop police violence any more than gun laws stop shootings.


    1. When you’re talking about NFL players looking out for number one, remember you’re used to SoCal Players. (see Reggie Bush)


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