Saturday Buzz: Is USC Keeping Up With Power Conferences?

Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables has received the largest known contract for an assistant coach with a five-year deal worth $11.6 million.

Venables will make $2.2 million per year the first two years.

It was just seven years ago that USC defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin made $1.8 million and was the highest-paid assistant in the nation. Those days seem long gone at USC.

Clancy Pendergast signed a multi-year contract extension after last season but it is nowhere near Kiffin’s salary.

And as I have pointed out, USC has set its sights lower when hiring head coaches for the non-revenue producing sports.

The huge legal settlement expected in the health center gynecologist scandal is likely to make things even worse from a fiscal viewpoint. The lower-than-expected revenues from the Pac-12 Network won’t help either.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: Is USC Keeping Up With Power Conferences?

  1. I doubt the settlements will affect salaries for the athletic dept. Unlike the LA Archdiocese, the school has policies that will significantly offset the claims are due to the realization of the need for such in the wake of that $660 million judgment (LA Archdiocese). If USC is planning on using that as the reason for lower than national average salaries for coaches I don’t believe it’s valid.


    1. Alvarado McCarthy: confused syntax at it’s finest. There’s meaning in there somewhere if you have the time and patience to dig it out. Of course it’s harder if you’re sober.

      It is important to note that USC is not a Catholic school, and any connection to the corruption of the Papacy exists only in the mind of a couple of guys on Orchard St. wearing tinfoil hats.


      1. Ok – it was a comparison between a scandal that broke 15 years ago and because of delays in settling grew to $660 million with little to no policy protection in place versus what institutions such as USC have now.

        Your angst is amusing figured you for a Menlo guy.


  2. When Helton wins a national championship, then his and the coaching staff salaries will go up. Besides, SC is trying figure out how to pay for Haden’s palace, the Colisuem.


  3. Monte Kiffin never earned his pay. He was paid based on reputation but he didn’t even know the forward pass was a legal play. Too bad the money wasted on him couldn’t be recovered.


  4. Pasadena, as you state..if Clay Helton wins a NC at SC. With that on his resume he’s gone and will get picked up by an SEC or ACC team with lots of money.
    Helton has spent the majority of his life in the south or south east, has a lot of family in Texas.
    He is not a California guy.


    1. The day helton wins a championship is the day USC is playing in league like the Harlem Globetrotters… That dude sucks.


  5. Scottie is pining over the loss of Monte Kiffin. That dude SUCKED at SC. I don’t care that he invented the Tampa 2 defense. At SC, he was horrible. So no, I don’t miss the days of overpaying a overpaid assistant coach.


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