If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A Notes Column

Clay Helton said age will not be a factor when choosing a starting quarterback. Why didn’t he have this policy when Sam Darnold competed against Max Browne two years ago?

  • When Bryce Young committed to USC, it presented this question: Will the Trojans start two quarterbacks (JT Daniels, Young) who are 6-feet-1 and 6-feet tall for the next six years?
  • Willie Brown was not only a great running back at USC, he was part of some great coaching staffs.

The above photo includes Joe Gibbs (upper left) along with USC legends like Marv Goux, Dave Levy and Craig Fertig. The photo doesn’t even include grad assistants Al Saunders, who became the San Diego Chargers head coach or Hudson Houck, a respected offensive line coach with five pro teams.

The rest of the staff included head coach’s at Utah State/Fresno State (Phil Krueger), Cal State Fullerton (Pete Yoder) and Cal State Northridge  (Rod Humenuik).

Fertig was head coach at Oregon State.

  • Notre Dame is still selling single-game tickets for this season. The Irish used to be one of the hottest tickets in sports.
  • The Walter Camp award released its watch list Friday without a single USC player.

10 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A Notes Column

  1. Scooter, please proof read your material. Quote, “Fertig because head coach at Oregon State”. Instead of because it should be, “Became”.

    Also, you forgot a slight detail about Joe Gibbs. he only won a Super Bowl with the Redskins. He also has a racing team.

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    1. P. T. —Scott doesn’t always employ dry prose when writing about his favorite team —-often he writes poetically. Here he was using the word “because” in the Dave Clark 5 context —meaning “it’s right” that Craig became Head Coach.


  2. Helton explained why age doesn’t matter in the QB decision this time. Max Browne had been in the system a long time…none of the current QB’s have that some amount of ‘system’ experience. Pay attention Scooter!


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