JT Daniels Watch

A 20-yard TD pass to Stephen Carr was JT Daniels’ highlight of the day. But that is hardly earth shattering.

More important for Daniels, he did not throw any interceptions. Jack Sears threw one instead.

Turnovers will be something the coaches an eye on when they decide if they trust Daniels to start the UNLV game.



22 thoughts on “JT Daniels Watch

  1. Scott —I see the potential here (“Oh look! J. T. fell short of expectations in his first game. He’s sure no Sam!”) —-but couldn’t we gang up on Tee or Clancy if things don’t go well this season? It’s just more seemly if we pick on the adults and give J. T. a chance to find his way…….

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    1. Scottie likes starting in on them in the seventh grade, ala the Sills kid. Hard for him to go after Sills now though, he’s bound to be an All-American and he’s bigger than Scottie.

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      1. Pudly —Great polemicists are born, not made. And Scott is a born polemicist. He can’t resist the thesis that too much has been made about J. T.’s skills. Like you, I hate to see him head in that direction cuz it’s gonna force him to play devil’s advocate every time J. T. has a good game —and it gives me a knot in my stomach to think that’s all I have to look forward to from Scott this season….

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      2. Just can’t figure what he’s got against the kid. Did he steal Scottie’s woman? Break his favorite toy? Didn’t think he was here long enough to upset anyone, but clearly I’m wrong.

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      3. Pudly —It’s not that J.T. has done anything wrong to Scott. To Scott, J. T. is just the agent of some soon -to-be-developed thesis (e.g., Helton needed Sam, or Helton bet the farm on the wrong guy, etc., etc.) —– I think maybe we need to convince Scott, for his own good and out of love, that micro-analyzing J.T.’s stats isn’t gonna be as reader-friendly as having fun at Tee or Clancy’s expense.


      4. Me thinks so many hung their hats on the “wait till Darnold’s gone” that JT reclassifying might spoil their narrative. I’m wondering though about the inference that he is somehow egotistical and where it comes from, I haven’t seen it yet and was curious where it might be found.

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      5. Pudly —When you watch J. T. in interviews he seems self assured (which is what we want) and not at all egotistical (which is the last thing we need). My guess is that you’re 100% correct —-USC haters are actually getting their panties bunched up over the possibility that we’re gonna be just fine this season without Sam —-and they’re getting their licks in before it happens.

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    2. MG, Great to see you here, as well as Pudly, Steveg, Rusoviet, LamontR! Just found out about Scott’s new blog!

      Scott, thanks for putting together a new home for us.

      And with some decent protection, JT will deliver.


      1. Fredo would be a huge step up for Chris…..


  2. It is going to be really hard for JT if he is not ready for prime time. The media will contend they were right and JT just undermined them, again making them the enemy of the people. Expectations are to high. If he fulfills them that would be great though.

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  3. Scottie is right in that his OL at MD was very good, that cannot be said for our OL. He isn’t very tall, this isn’t high school anymore and SteveG is right ( never thought I’d say that ), the hype for him is over the top. If SC goes 8-4 this year I’d say it was a good year, anything less would be a bust.


    1. Hey ‘Live at Budokan’ ‘if’ USC goes 8 – 4 I’d say Helton is gone esp. if those four losses are: stanford, TX, ‘the princess’ and UT… the rest of the schedule isn’t much:

      home: UNLV, WA St., CO, AZ St., Cal & bel-air tech
      away: OR St., AZ

      Also don’t like the odds in a CCG or bowl if we get that far because Helton hasn’t a clue how to prepare for a top tier opponent.

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      1. Ha! [That’s why it’s probably better that we don’t “get that far”, Alv]!

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  4. But what we really want to know is how many Euros the Wolf man gives each QB.

    Why no love for Fink yet? Not even a peep of snark from Scooter.

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  5. If we get beat (and we will) wait for Helton and his patented ‘a grinnin’ and a chucklin’ face on how ‘much we’ve improved’ nonsense once again a big thank you to Pat ‘capper’ Haden for this mess. Be sweet if a new president of the university would throw him (Haden) out as well.


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