USC Morning Buzz

Since it is August, it means more recruits must commit today.

Linebacker Maninoa Tufono of Honolulu (Class of 2019) will announce at 12 p.m. (PDT).

Wide receiver Koy Moore of Metairie, La., will announce at 6 p.m. He is a Class of 2020 prospect.

Both are four-star prospects.

  • Meanwhile, the USC-Texas game has drawn a lot of interest from gamblers. It opened with USC a 1-point favorite but the Longhorns are now 4-point favorites according to the South Point sportsbook in Las Vegas.
  • Former USC defensive back Jamel Cook has transferred to South Carolina, the other USC.

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz

  1. What a joke: Texas by 4 over USC. It is SO like those Las Vegas gamblers to rely on “breathless no pads practice reports.”

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    1. Funny, P.T. [I will be SO happy if Callaway decides to include a new feature—-called ‘blocking”—- in team meetings and practices this season]….

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    2. Bingo ‘paw-saw-duh-naa’ 100%. They (TX) should have won last year if they’d gone for the win at the end of their 2nd OT. Helton was lucky he had Darnold and that really good defensive stand. Smart point spread -4 allowing for a 1 point victory for TX and still the house wins.

      Were Herman to lose this game it would be telling considering the contempt that dripped from his face and words spoken in that post-game interview Q&A he gave last September.

      If Helton were to win this game would be an even more significant victory than the one over PA St.. in the Rose Bowl

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      1. Good stuff, Alv. [And don’t count Helton and the team out of a victory at Texas —-they’ll either bear Stanford or Texas —but probably not both].


  2. Karma —It’s brunch time here in Maui & I was having french toast, eggs&chili when I read your reply……. I’m guess I’m done eating now…..


    1. That day can’t come too soon, P. T. [It’s not that Callaway is useless —-far from it. He knows what he’s talking about. It’s just that he’s not clicking with his players—- probably due to his age and “old time football” mentality. The o-line sorely needs someone who’s gonna pump them up ——they’re not playing with that extra something that makes the difference between winning and losing].


  3. I just cringe when I think of that brown leather jacket wearing, smug smiling Mcconaughey acting like he’s back in his Friday Night lights days with Vince ‘i almost killed myself’ Young. You know Wolf will try to be there…

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    1. Would it help to know, Monopoly 4.0, that Mathew Mcwhatshisname switches outta that leather jacket and into a blond wig & tight red dress after the game…..?

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  4. Never bet on games. I’m either a jinx or an idiot. Either way I’d rather have my money. Besides if I bet on my team and lose, I’m doubly pissed.


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