USC Thursday Buzz: More On Fan Interest

A trend has emerged in the past week regarding USC and fan interest:

  • Last Friday the Salute to Troy kickoff dinner got a noticeably smaller crowd according to several people who attended the event.
  • USC announced this week field-level seats are available for the first five home games.
  • And yesterday, USC invited students to attend football practice. That is the type of thing you would more often see for USC basketball.

This USC season should be interesting because of some of the young players ready to assume major roles. But there definitely seems to be some skepticism and/or USC feels the need to drum up some interest as the season beckons.

Former USC president Max Nikias is no longer the chair of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers. He was replaced by Mississippi State president Mark Keenum.


20 thoughts on “USC Thursday Buzz: More On Fan Interest

  1. Wonder if Lane Kiffin has opened up FAL practices? Helton seems fairly confident won’t really know until the Stanford and esp. the TX games nonetheless appreciate the ‘open’ view of the team esp. making a more personal connection to what matters – the student body.


      1. Abandoned former naval yard, we have to win nearly all of them to garner any attention by the wonks to have a chance at that rigged (for the SEC) final four. Find out real fast just what Helton has learned since OH St. kicked us down a flight a stairs last New Year’s Eve – man that was even worst than the AL and ‘the princess’ loss


  2. I, Max Nikias, resign from the chair of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers. But I don’t want to be replaced by Mississippi State president Mark Keenum. I want Pot Haden to take over that position!!


  3. You would think Wolf is trying to undermine the USC football program. If only someone on football staff would talk to him occasionally, perhaps he would lighten up. But they won’t. I don’t blame them either.

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    1. Ha! Make Scott the new O-Line coach…… kinda a twofer: (1) No more Callaway [& immediate improvements in line play] (2) all complimentary articles from now on…..

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      1. Pudly — It would be such fun to listen to the DN explain what they were thinking when they moved in their ‘new’ direction (e.g., “Scott Wolf had his moment —but we were looking for something else —a kind of vapid, unreadable quality”)…….

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      2. Spelling, grammar, syntax then bs…who knows maybe they hired a third grader to edit his work and he ran out of red ink?
        Seriously, no good when anyone loses their way of making a living.

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      3. Pudly — People don’t read the Daily News for a reason. I believe they needed Scott more than Scott needed them. [Neither Here Nor There Department: I was interviewed by that sad paper a few times as a candidate — you couldn’t help smiling to yourself when you talked to their editors —-what tools].

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      4. Hey Pudly —-thanks for asking about us. Yeah, things ARE unstable. The Governor —who seems like a very nice man who is WAY over his head—– told us to prepare for “loss of power for extended periods of time” (no more hot food or shaving or cable sports or telephone calls or fun on Scott’s blog). He says Hawaii is working on making it’s power systems “less vulnerable by 2045” —a little late to help out on this storm.
        But, as an optimistic kid told me on my jog last night, “it’s possible everything will turn out alright!” From his lips to God’s ears.
        Take good care of the ship, Pudly.

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  4. I have shown a video at middle school showing the top 15 jobs that will be gone in the next 20 years. Some, like driver are scary but newspapers and print media is considered dead already. My recent experience with the SCNG and their price of over $500 per year tells me this is true. The paper subscription is dead and I haven’t seen a newspaper vending machine in quite a while. If I were an entrepreneur I’d invent a newsprint cover for my tablet. (A tablet that edits my posts during posting could be Scott’s excuse)

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    1. Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, new owner of the LA Times et. al., has been quoted as aiming to re-invigorate readers of the paper – in hand – not ‘on line’. He intends to see if he can make a connection with the milleniums, genXer’s etc. to do as their parents and grandparents did. No idea how it will pan out but he admits he overpaid for the Times ($500 mil.+) but his intent was to manage the future unlike the previous owner (Tronc) and stem the hemorrhaging of both staff and revenue.

      The sharp demise of readers began with the demise of old H-E nearly 30 years ago. The internet has definitely accelerated that trend but the vanishing of news racks is because it costs $2.75 for a Times and who, pray tell, carries 11 quarters?

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  5. If the Times were to right objectively or a slant toward conservatism, the readership would go up. All the left wing socialists would be up in arms and the conservatives would return to reading the paper


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