USC Afternoon Notes

  • CBS Sports made its Pac-12 predictions and only Jerry Palm did not pick USC to win the Pac-12 South. He picked Utah.

College football writer Dennis Dodd said USC was the most overrated team: “You don’t lose Ronald Jones Jr., Sam Darnold and a handful of talented defenders and return as a playoff contender. Throw in a promising — but still freshman — quarterback (J.T. Daniels), and it looks a lot like a 9-3, 8-4 season. In fact, it will be all Clay Helton can do to hold off Utah this season”

  • Oklahoma named Kyler Murray its starting quarterback. Coach Lincoln Riley (pictured) didn’t seem to need to wait until game week.
  • Who agres with this tweet?


22 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. To think that Reggie didn’t take some cash at some point during his USC experience is not reality…..i’m a big Reggie Bush fan and advocate for a truce and a makeup, but let’s keep it real…doesn’t excuse Urban, either….he coached a murderous tight end at Florida in addition to his tightrope act in the Ohios……..Ronald had a good career at USC but nowhere near irreplaceable, especially if Mr. Carr stays healthy….As for the defense, Uchenna the only loss that will be challenging to replace, but I like our chances there….Sam the most difficult question, but I believe the roster further along to help compensate for his loss…Let’s go, Trojans! War time! Wooh, wooh….wooh, wooh!

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    1. How dumb is Dodd to think that we’re not stronger than last year? Carr, Ware, Amon, Gustin, Pittman, Smith, Vaughns, Rector, Tell….and no Jack Jones to get picked on.

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      1. Nailed it. And Rojo couldn’t receive the ball (as Tampa is now learning), Sam couldn’t stop turning the ball over, and the practices last year were not physical. SC is MUCH deeper this year, and it’ll be a fine opportunity to prove some folks wrong.


    2. Let’s see.

      Freshman QB with zero experience ( that’s if Gomer ever names him the starter ), his backup will have zero experience as well
      RB with back issues,
      OL that sucks,
      OC that sucks
      TE’s that are eh
      WR’s should be very good
      DL should be good to very good
      LB’s could be very good if we bench the slow white guys
      DB’s are always a problem due to the DB coach
      Clancy is a bend but don’t break DC, good for 2 losses
      Kicking game is always a crap shoot.
      Head coach is soft, clueless but a nice guy

      Look for an 8-4, 7-5 season, maybe Gomer gets canned, that’s doubtful but we can always hope !


      1. “Clancy is a bend but don’t break DC, good for 2 losses.”

        Bend but don’t break, what Defense are you watching? Clancy’s Defenses are literally the opposite of the that. More like feast or famine, sack or big play. This team was at or near the top of the country in Sacks, and yet at or near the top of the country in giving up big plays.

        Bend but don’t break implies they never give up big plays, but let a team drive down the field methodically before stiffening up in the Red Zone. I wouldnt say that has been his Defenses at all.

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      2. Number 60 in the nation in scoring defense 26.1 points per game…..number 68 in total defense 395.6 yards per game….number 56 in rushing defense 158.6 yards per game…number 82 in passing defense 237 yards per game…Washington St. had a better scoring defense than USC in 2017….these are the facts….


      3. Buddha, I disagree with the analysis of inside liberty. Cameron Smith is a stud. If Gustain is healthy, he will destroy people. I agree about the o line and dB coach. I think our running backs will improve this year though. Thank u


  2. Ohio State just proved that football money talks and spousal abuse means nothing. Where are the libtards on this ? Why haven’t the snowflakes descended on Columbus Ohio demanding he be fired ?


  3. How many SC games are scheduled on CBS? Not too worried about their opinions. What I am worried about is the offensive line or lack thereof. If I had read that the line was impressive or had a good staff I’d be happier.
    As for Bush, if he’d cooperated with the NCAA he might have been treated like Cam Newton whose dad took money and got away with it. The whole thing was a dropkick from the get go. But Ohio State coaches are not police agencies they do not press charges for domestic violence. The whole suspension is more political correctness gone crazy.


  4. I listened to Dennis Dodd’s 1+ minute per USC/WA and frankly I think he was very objective as to why he feels WA is the team to beat and also why USC wins the south but questionable how they do against highly ranked teams (Stanford, TX, UT, Notre Dame and WA). The assumption is they hold the south again.

    The CBS article also made note of USC having a much stronger defense this year with the question as to the ‘O’ line.

    They also concluded that if USC is 2 1 after 3 not too bad considering starting a true freshman at QB etc.. 4 – 5 losses is very possible and if that transpires Helton is in trouble – the staff is entirely his top to bottom and if USC gets beat soundly by: TX, Stanford, Notre Dame and/or WA – it’s all on him i.e. he still hasn’t learned how to prepare for a big game.

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    1. Alv —You know I respect your opinion (BUT)—- I have a feeling this will be the year that Helton proves to you he knows exactly how to prepare for big games. Helton’s attitude toward practice is one (but not the only) significant indicator of better things to come. I’m not saying USC will beat everybody but I think you’ll be happy with what happens against Stanford and Notre Dame.


      1. Mike I like Helton I just don’t think he’s a true strong head coach for a program with the pedigree of USC. He is a lights out excellent recruiter and that is because he learned to be one as an assistant for both Kiffin and Sarkisian – he likes to recruit – something a Mr. Kelly is notorious for not liking (both So. Bend and Westwood). He’s a good man and one thing is for sure we not need worry he’d pull the self-centered greedy stunts that weasel ‘Urbie’ did.

        I hope for us and Helton that he gets these first 3 wins and then to watch Herman in that post-game interview being asked “What happened this tine?”

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      2. I SO hope we get to hear that question asked of Herman after the Texas game, Alv.

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      3. Michael, I hope u are okay in Hawaii. Helton might be the best prepared coach in history, but if his assistants aren’t, then the team is not the best prepared. I lalready blame the o line coach, dB coach, and the o coordinator if there are any losses. If SC goes undefeated and wins the championship, I will still blame them for not enough points and getting burned in the backfield.


  5. St. Pius Meyer will eventually implode, this is only the beginning of the great tarnishment that will cloud his career. There has been great work done in covering up his shortcomings, but give it time.

    I am in agreement with our onsite attorney general Michael, that Clay Helton is maturing into what could be a very good HC. There have been visible changes in his approach to leading and teaching the team. His staff has fallen into step with him which shows he has genuinely taken the reigns. Now it seems we need to get through 2018 with at least a pac12 crown because in 2019 it is the big chase to the NC.


    1. Esteban the problem is next year the schedule is a wee bit tougher lad. We’re no longer eating In-N-Out (WA St. & OR St.) rather ‘leek soup’ (OR and WA) ‘but’ the OOC are a bit easier Fresno St. & @ BYU. Also it’ll be year 2 for: Sumlin (AZ) Edwards (AZ St.) Cristobal (OR) and Kelly (UCLA.

      KIt is a shame this isn;t 2019 already as it would be Daniels 2nd year at the helm then again I believe a number of imp. linemen are poised to ‘move on’ next Spring.

      I am slowly liking our chances this year just have to see how prepared Helton is for TX on the 15th – 3 weeks hence.


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