USC Quick Thought

If you choose (wisely) to avoid the heat and watch the USC-UNLV game on TV, but do not get the Pac-12 Network, the logical option is a sports bar.

But . . . how many sports bars carry the Pac-12 Network. Most sports bars need to carry NFL Sunday Ticket, which is only available through DirecTV. I’ve already heard of one sports bar that said they do not have Pac-12 Network.

Better check before you head to a sports bar next week.


9 thoughts on “USC Quick Thought

  1. Well if you live close enough you can listen to the game on a thing called radio. I once heard a USC game on a boy scout campout all the way in Joshua Tree national monument.

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  2. The TuneIn Radio App is the best way to listen to College 🏈….you can listen to games across the country, as well as the Trojans….you also have access many times to opposing teams broadcasts, so the contrast is very interesting which gives you the option of turning the tv sound down and listening to the radio feed while watching like I used to do with Vin Sculley and Chick Hearn. For example, I listened to the regular season Stanford vs USC game on the Stanford radio feed last year……it was so satisfying to hear the Farm smarting from Trojan stingers lol….makes a man want to do the leprechaun jig…….btw, they were very impressed with Tee’s playcalling because they kept lamenting about it….spectacular Stanford sufferings….Beat the Farm!


  3. 81 degrees Scotty. I have a big old hat and sunscreen. Nice day for football. I know you would like this to be a story but it isn’t. Move along.


  4. Watching that farce on Pac-12 network in the comfort of my home or with
    a Trojan Alumni Club at a sports bar who carries that station. Enjoy the
    messed up Coliseum with no parking, and fewer gates to enter playing
    that powerhouse UNLV w/o Randall Cunningham whose son happens to
    be on the Track team high jumping.


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