If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC safety Ykili Ross is taking time off from the team for personal reasons, according to Clay Helton. An update on Ross will come next week, Helton said.

  • Should the Pac-12 just admit BYU as a member? Pac-12 teams play BYU 22 times between 2018-27.

USC plays the Cougars in 2019, 2021 and 2023. Here are the others:  Arizona: 2018, 26, 27; Arizona State: 2020, 21; Cal: 2018;  Oregon: 2022; Stanford: 2020, 22, 23, 25; Washington: 2018, 19; Washington State: 2021; Utah: 2018, 19, 20, 21, 22.

  • When USC defeated Alabama, 42-21, in 1970 in Birmingham, the score could have been a lot worse. USC coaches wanted to really run up the score on the Crimson Tide but Coach John McKay, who was good friends with Alabama coach Bear Bryant, declined.
  • Former USC fullback Leroy Holt is running for City Council in Moreno Valley.
  • There were not a lot of former players at last week’s Salute to Troy. But one who did show up was linebacker Greg Slough, who was a Playboy All-American in 1970.
  • Former USC tight end Randall Telfer officially retired from the NFL. Telfer was released by the Cleveland Browns in May and claimed by the Indianapolis Colts, who waived him after he failed a physical.

25 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Admitting BYU makes sense as it gives UT back their in-state rival. Then the question what about CO? If the Pac-12 adds one (13) it needs to add another (14). Unless the idea is to expand eastward rather than stay in the west who? OK? If instead, it is to remain in the Rocky Mountains then who? Boise St? NM ? CO St.?

    Bringing in BYU makes solid sense but now there’ll be 7 in each division and that means instead of not playing 2 in-conference, each year, now it will increase to 4.


    1. Good dialogue, Soviet….adding a tv draw from the state of Texas/Oklahoma would be interesting. They seem to have academic value as well…..current contractual obligations and entanglements must be explored…..Yo, Larry Scott, batter up!


      1. Stephen your suggestion of TCU makes absolute sense – bravo sir bravo! BTW I do recall when BYU was considered in the past Stanford was the one who objected because it was a ‘religious’ school.

        Again TCU is a great one and if Baylor hadn’t fired Art Briles Waco-TX would have been one too.


  2. BYU will NEVER be admitted to the PAC 12, the liberals at Oregon, Washington, Cal etc will never vote them in because of the LDS churches stance on homosexuality and they are not a research institution.

    Boise State ?? HAHAHAHAH It’s a glorified JC, the smart people in Idaho send their kids to the U of Utah of the U of Idaho


  3. I have always wondered why the PAC brought in Colorado to begin with. The logic was Utah and BYU, but BYU wanted to go indy. That made CO the ugly step sister in the conference. Perhaps they could go to the mountain west and BYU could step in, if they wanted to. Expansion to 14 teams is unlikely as the marketing on the pac12 is so pathetic, who would really want to come. After Larry Scott gets done destroying it they can go back to the PAC 11 and USC can go indy.

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    1. USC will never go independent.

      There are Pac-12 rules that state if a member leaves in one of the big sports (basketball, football) then the rest of the teams at the school cannot remain in the conference.

      The non – revenue sports would then be stuck without having a built in conference schedule to play. Baseball, volleyball, tennis would have to go out and make their own schedules which would be a nightmare to fill out and get done, if at all.

      Going independent every year comes up for USC football but this is the reason why USC will never do it.

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      1. Expansion into Texas was good enough for the SEC. The PAC 12 TV deal is stale. You say independence is impossible. Maybe. Maybe not. Texas has qualified candidates and creates new market share possibilities. Texas fell in love with the Rose Bowl game lost by us. The appetite is there. The money is there. The people are there. It is incumbent on Larry Scott and the Presidents of the PAC 12 to improve our lot even if the conference has to be renamed.


      2. Build a SUPER PAC 16…..and load up! Vision and desire required…..4 new schools: TCU, BYU, BAYLOR, HOUSTON, TEXAS, LSU, OKLAHOMA, OKLAHOMA ST. all candidates. I’ll leave it to the experts to pickem… but tv draw, endowments, traditions, followings, population, academics, future demographic, economic, recruiting pool projections all on Larry’s desk by Monday morning because the early bird’s gonna get the worm….


      3. And if you want to go north and mid: Minnesota and Northwestern….lol….let’s go Larry, get aggressive job’s not done….


    2. WONG, BYU wanted into the PAC 12 they were blocked by Oregon, Cal and other because of the churches support for Prop 8 in Cali, plus they are not a research institution and they will not play games on Sunday


      1. Fine, there’s plenty of fish out there and to say we are underwhelmed with the current state of affairs is an understatement…..Do something. I feel like we’re in a waiting room with nobody on duty omg!


      1. Hey Rushdrunk, baseball, basketball and track to name a few play on Sunday, football isn’t the only sport there is


    3. Another reason against BYU—They will not play games on sunday—football no problem, but all the other sports would be affected.


  4. After reading comments I think additional teams would mess with the PAC 12 logo and everyone knows how much thought went into it. But just in case maybe stick with West Coast teams like San Diego State and Fresno State. Both teams have beaten USC. So now we need another West coast past to go with Colorado, let’s add Hawaii.
    Okay enough stupid talk in a week and a day we will have something to talk about.

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  5. Hey Scott, how bout a couple predictions:

    Who is the heir apparent at qb?

    USC record for this year?

    Do the Trojans win the Pac12? South?

    Seasons almost here. What’ve you got?


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