Yes, It’s Team Photo Time

Here is a the team photo for this year’s USC football team. Take a look at all the support staff, many of whom are hiding in the back row, which makes their presence less noticeable.

Now look below at the 1967 team photo: How did USC manage to win a national title without an army of support staff?


20 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Team Photo Time

  1. U could get rid of half the staff and still be overloaded. However, in 50 years more has been discovered and u need the staff for more and challenging jobs.


  2. SCooter, btw, Urban Myer only gets a 3 week vacation. At SC, half of the staff would have been fired if it had happened there. Yet under Mad Max, no heads have rolled with the two instances that happened.


  3. Attention Trojan Buddies: J. T. wrapped up the starting role at today’s Mock Game practice. Everybody reporting —-particularly Aidan Berg for Trojan Insider—says it’s a done deal. Daniels threw every pass known to man and the only time he didn’t complete was when one of the backups dropped a perfect pass. Coach Helton may not announce anything until after the game (out of respect for two great competitors in Fink and Sears)—-but it’s over.

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    1. Yesterday, in a podcast with Gary P, Darrell Rideaux had said that he had Fink as the leader in the competition…just goes to show you how you really can’t trust witness testimony.

      Speaking of witness testimony, the investigators at osu managed to say that urban had misremembered many facts dealing with his assistant coach and the victim. He went so far as to remember a meeting with the Smith’s that never occurred where she recanted her charges of abuse. Even his phone had memory issues with info over 12 months. Of course he had a meeting just after the story broke about how he could wipe memory older than 12 mos.. poor old urban, just not what he used to be.

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      1. Pudley — By the end of 2020 virtually every public figure in the USA will be embarrassed in one way or another. Maybe we can, then, all forgive each other and start over.
        On the football side of things, OSU is going to have some serious trouble on it’s hands with TCU in Arlington w/o Meyer to prepare or lead them.

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      2. Michael, SDTrojan and many others at TDB asked me to let you know of the concern we have for you, your family and friends. Please keep your head down.
        Hoping for the best!

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      3. Pudly — Very kind words! Thanks so much! It looks like that Hurricane is coming right over our golf villa —-but as I told my wife in an effort to cheer her up, “there’s only about a 10% chance we’ll perish—-ok, maybe, 15%.”
        On the other hand, I’m pretty sure we’ll be losing power so if you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll know why.
        Carry on, Trojan Brother!

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    2. Mike, I just remembered after seeing Pudly comment to you, but I forgot you live in Hawaii. I hope you and the family+Community are good Mike.


  4. Well I’m the 60s football players played every down so there was no need for special coaches. Second I am surprised you didn’t point out that USC has more staff than blocking tackles.


    1. Gawd I hate using this tablet. I checked that post and read it twice. In didn’t change into I’m until I hit (which changed to hot just now) post comment.
      After that I did notice they have the whole staff in the picture including the water boy, water girl, water person who self identifies as a football, the Gatorade mixer, the Gatorade jug filler, the head math, tutor the chief English paper ghost writer, the compliance officer, the compliance officer checker, the clerk from the campus Trader Joe’s and the guy who throws peanuts across two sections at the stadium.

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  5. For me the greatest team in the history of USC is 1967. Came off three straight losses (ucla, notre dame and Purdue) and the first two were truly horrible. USC got an OOC – #5 TX, @ MI St., @ # 5 notre dame, # 1 ucla and finally # 4 IN (Rose Bowl).

    It wasn’t so much the arrival of OJ but how John McKay prepared for that year esp. both age old rivals notre dame and ucla. Both had his number two years in a row and both head coaches felt they would prevail a third time – both were crushed. The ransacking of notre dame was the first victory at So. Bend since Howard Jones back in 1939 and that defeat of the bruins is still seen as the back breaker 51 years later.

    The proof of the talent was the NFL draft the following January 5 in the first round – Yary (MN) Taylor (PIT), Rossovich (PHI), Hull (CHI) & McCullough (DET).

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  6. Well, the difference can pretty well be summed up in one word: oversight! How many rules did the NCAA have in 1967? How many intrusive, politically motivated laws were on the books written by Poli Sci majors aimed at “correcting” all the wrongs they felt the athletic department committed. Finally, the spectacularly unhelpful American “Justice” system, where any idiot can sue and frequently does. It’s a different universe and this comparison shows Scooter doesn’t have ay reasoning, just a self-aggrandizing judgemental attitude problem.


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