USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Really Moves At His Speed

Isn’t it funny how Clay Helton took from September until Feb. 18 to hire an on-campus recruiting director?

And here we thought going a month without a new strength coach was a long time. Or waiting three weeks to essentially hire a like-for-like replacement for Kliff Kingsbury was too long.

Let’s face it, Helton moves at his own speed.

But of the three openings, USC could afford to wait longest on the recruiting director spot. Have you ever seen how bloated the support staff is? Just click here for that.

Of course, some fans are so starved for rationalizations they will now blame a lousy recruiting class on the lack of an official on-campus recruiting director.

Recruits don’t eliminate USC because of who has that job or who was filling in for a few months.

  • They eliminate USC because they don’t see player development on . . . the . . . field.
  • They eliminate USC because current players are telling them how awful the coaches are.
  • They eliminate USC because the atmosphere/culture/attitude are a joke.

They want answers/solutions from the head coach. Or even an assistant coach.

Not the on-campus recruiting director.


11 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Really Moves At His Speed

  1. Most people who have jobs that they are passionate about the work they do are generally consciencientious. Along with the enthusiasm to do their job and perform above average is a sense of responsibility and urgency to set important priorities to get the job done adequately and make a contribution to moving the organization forward and becoming progressive. Anything short if that is status quo and the employee is basically just working for the issuance of the paycheck.
    I don’t know the reason why Helton has put the priority of hiring a strength and conditioning coach behind the director of recruiting position. It would seem to me that the proper conditioning if the players going into spring training would be the utmost in importance to a HC. Without the proper training regimen, the players won’t develop to their maximum potential and fail miserably when they go up against a player that has been conditioned properly.
    I suspect while the director of recruitment is attracting players to come on board, the rest of the players are hanging out and having a dialogue about how good their ice cream tastes. And, since the AD for SC is too preoccupied with all of his extra-curricular activities, there doesn’t appear he will do anything like “write up” his subordinate for being remiss in doing the job he is paid and expected to do.
    I said at one time, I would refrain from being critical, but I will be go to hell to be mum about things that are common sense in terms of bringing the SC squad back to prominence.

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    1. I don’t think Clay is twiddling his thumbs, drjess. I think he has severely limited resources and contacts. My guess is he has one guy (and one guy only) in mind for strength and conditioning —let’s call him Arnold from Bakersfield —-and he calls the guy every other day and tells him to hold on cuz any day now he’s gonna be getting a contract to look over.
      Whenever this site devolves into “Lord of the Flies”, Pudly gets disgusted and leaves. I hope he comes back. We need him.

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      1. MG: Good point. It’s interesting that you mentioned “Arnold from Bakersfied” as the periodic S+C coach. Coincidentally, that’s where he bought a house for the maid he knocked-up while married to Maria Shriver of the Kennedy clan during his stint as Governor of California. I believe he would be a helluva S+C coach in some respects…BTW, the son he sired with that maid is a spitting image of the dude. He’s a “mini-me-Arnold (Lol).

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  2. It was Pat Haden who originally hired Clay Helton, but it was the buffoon idiot, Lynn Swann who gave him a 4 year extension. So what’s going to happen if Swann’s allowed to pick the next coach, because obviously he has zero evaluation skills?

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  3. That’s why it is important for the BOT to hire an EXPERIENCED President ASAP, who will hire an EXPERIENCED AD, who will hire an EXPERIENCED Head football coach. Think about it…all of these positions is filled presently with someone who is learning on the job.

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      1. Ha! [I think Calabasatrojan probably used the phrase “learning on the job” cuz, once upon a time, it was assumed people who were given jobs for which they were plainly not qualified would use the opportunity to develop their skill sets. That’s, apparently, not the way it works at USC anymore]……


    1. Well Said! The Problems at USC go all the way to the top. A complete house cleaning is needed. If not it’ll be up to us fans to take it back and I’m talking pitchforks and torches!

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