A Former USC Commitment Rises In Rankings

Usually, a recruit’s stock rises after they commit to USC.

But four-star wide receiver Koy Moore saw his stock rise today, which is after he decommitted from the Trojans. Rivals has said he is now the No. 1-ranked player in the state of Louisiana although if you look at the actual rankings, he is No. 6.

Moore was offered by the University of Miami and suddenly has Tennesee as a favorite because he is close to former USC assistant coach Tee Martin.


4 thoughts on “A Former USC Commitment Rises In Rankings

  1. Look. I don’t blame the kids for shunning USC. I have a daughter who is an elite soccer player and she just signed her LOI to play for the University if Oregon. She’ll be an incoming Freshman on the team in the Fall of 2019. I have mixed feelings. On one hand I would have loved for her to attend USC like I did. But on the other hand UO has an awesome athletic department that takes care of their athletes. Unlike SC that has a zero for an athletic director; the girls are exposed to grabby gynecologists, who knows what culture the school will have with the interim/new prez, and the civil war withe BOT. At they’re just going to raise tuition to cover the legal settlements and pay for these bozos to ruin everything about the school that I love

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    1. You forgot to mention that should someone have a grudge against your daughter the goon squad will suspend her without due process. Too many athletes have been brought up on unsubstantiated charges. This warns would be stars against signing.

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      1. Steve,

        It won’t happen to his daughter due to Political Correctness, Title 9, and being a girl. However, if he had a son going to USC, then you would be stating a fact. Thank you for allowing me to state my opinion.


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